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    TOCs and the use of cheap agency platform staff

    In the case of Ontrak for example after 12 weeks they pay their agency workers the same rate of pay as a permanent member of staff due to the Agency Working Regulations. However they obviously do not have the same pay, conditions and pensions. I know GTR are scaling back their use of agency...
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    Further RMT strike action on SWR [latest action suspended]

    The RMT needs a change at the top which unfortunately does not look to be on the horizon anytime soon. They ruined negotiations on GTR regarding the role of the Guard wrecking the terms and conditions of several members when the role was simply implemented without agreement now once SWR has...
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    Is a penalty fare void if there was no request to produce a valid ticket?

    If you were about to be issued a penalty fare and had a valid ticket surely you would produce it would you not. And why would you say you did not have a valid ticket. If an Authorised Collector or Conductor is going through checking they are going to be asking for Tickets and Passes or something...
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    Child fined with prosecution ticket by Thameslink

    There must be a reason why an MG11 was issued and not a Penalty Fare though as usually they would simply issue a penalty fare for travelling outside of the Oyser card validity area. That slip is from the bottom of the pad containing the blank MG11s and usually given to authorise permission to...
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    SWR Longest Strike - December 2019

    All SWR have to do is stick it out until the new trains are introduced and they will then probably change the name of the new role and Job Description and they will serve notice on the employees no different to Southern. Then it will be up to them personally to decide if they will stay or go. To...
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    Was the ITSO system ever meant to be rolled out across the entire network?

    There is a lot of work to be done and to be fair why not simply have a standard design across the country so if the time comes you can use the smartcards anywhere in the country people are aware of this. Because if you were not very knowledgeable you would presume you cannot use a Southeastern...
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    Battery Powered Electrostars for Southern

    No extension of DOO was promised so unless the DfT are going to pay for it are they really going to bother? Like said above would you really want to run a train down to Uckfield and it fails without an OBS because of exceptional circumstances. Would be mayhem and it would take a while for the...
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    RMT DOO Dispute on West Midlands Trains

    They said the same on Southern apparently the number of dispatch irregularities and operational incidents decreased following the implementation of DOO/DCO.
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    RMT DOO Dispute on West Midlands Trains

    The cost of living is higher in the South of England and also OBS pay and working weeks includes Sunday as part of the working week. They are paid more a less the regional average for other TOCs including their owns Conductors.
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    Election 2019 - promises

    To be fair if the RMT were not intent in striking so often I doubt the policy would be worthwhile or necessary. ASLEF seem to manage to negotiate with employers without going out on strike unless absolutely necessary. Bet if you compared the two, the RMT would be way out ahead. Last time they...
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    Election 2019 - promises

    Unfortunately the RMT are to blame for the change in the laws. Most other unions only use strikes very rarely and as a last resort where as the RMT seems not too fussed about going out on strike like said on SWR for most of December. The economy and passengers right to get to work is important...
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    RMT DOO Dispute on West Midlands Trains

    Pitty the Southern drivers weren't as supportive. A lot of them were particurlarly on the South Coast however the main problem was a lot of the South London Driver Depots where they either had purely DOO work or very little conventional working so they took the view it was not their dispute...
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    RMT DOO Dispute on West Midlands Trains

    Reading a statement from WMR they were claiming that they never proposed DOO and have offered a deal which means responsibility for train dispatch remains with the Guard if that is the case what is it within this deal the RMT are unhappy with or are they just flexing their muscles so to speak?
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    RMT DOO Dispute on West Midlands Trains

    Wonder if WMR will do the same when Virgin go on strike next Tuesday. Just shows how fragmented the railway is and will VT managements patience really be waring that thin seeing as Branson and Stagecoach will not be around on the West Coast much longer so it's not like it's going to affect the...
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    Coastway West Stops

    They also run via Eastleigh a couple of times a day and stop at the airport. Pretty sure I read on here they wanted to run more services this way round but Crosscountry were given priority over the paths instead.
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    RMT DOO Dispute on West Midlands Trains

    Yes but there is much more to a Guards role than simply train dispatch. They check and retail tickets, assist passengers on and off the trains, reset and investigate alarms and other fault finding, make announcements, customer service... the list goes on... The way some people go on you would...
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    RMT DOO Dispute on West Midlands Trains

    We all know the reason the RMT firstly like a good strike and secondly want to control the doors, and keep the status quo. So they are able to cause maximum disruption when in dispute. I cannot think of many other industries outside the railway where despite having guarantees and assurances...
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    Driver internal depot transfers

    They did offer Southern drivers the opportunity to move over to Thameslink when they ramped the service up. Horsham Depot was divided up between Southern and Thameslink and for the May 2018 timetable change they allowed any Southern drivers to move over if they wished. Whilst there was a few...
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    Ramps & On Board Supervisors

    By calling the Driver on the cab to cab I would imagine letting them know they are moving down the train to provide ramp assistance.
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    Ramps & On Board Supervisors

    Majority of them do but there is occasions when they do not. On Coastal services I almost always see them stepping off where as in the Surbuban area there is some who do not and they will wander up and down the train maybe to check tickets and then swiftly back into the back cab. To be fair the...