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  1. David


    Sadly not, as I've not long got home from work. But a bit of controversy today before the red card by the sound of things. Did Van Veen's shot come back of the post or crossbar, or did it hit the stanchion inside the goal and bounce straight back out?
  2. David


    Not really a shock considering the way we played that night :( Mind you, the return fixture on the 19th Nov should be interesting, especially as Scunthorpe have scored 23 goals at home so far this season, in only 8 matches (cup games excluded). :P
  3. David

    Postcard valuation needed

    Something a bit closer to home for you then.... According to this page, there is a monthly fair at the Central Hotel in Cardiff, although it's best to call the contact number to find out exactly when it is.
  4. David

    Postcard valuation needed

    Quickest and easiest way (depending on location) would be to go to the Stanley Gibbons shop on The Strand (only a couple of minutes walk from Charing Cross station) or alternatively to the collectors shop across the road (Stamp Centre) and ask them to have a quick look and give you a valuation...
  5. David


    About 20 higher than my top score then :oops: but to be fair, I was a reasonable bowler for the college XI where my greatest strength was to get the ball to seam and swing a bit even on 'tarmac' pitches!
  6. David

    Budget 2016

    People are not saving because the interest rates on saving accounts (including cash ISAs) are at historic lows, plus the fact you can get a far higher rate on your current account (in most cases). With the Personel Savings Allowance coming into effect from next month, there will be no point...
  7. David


    My prediction for the final is India v SA. The indians are on home grounds and will be used to the wickets and conditions, and SA because of the firepower they have in both batting (ABdV can change a match in just a couple of overs) and bowling (Steyn is rated the best bowler for the final...
  8. David


    I'm not there tonight (work reasons), so I wouldn't know. However, I assume it's something to do with the steelworks where the coke overs were closed down today.
  9. David


    And in the big match of the night, the latest score is Scunthorpe United 2-0 Doncaster Rovers :D
  10. David


    Big result at the weekend .... Aston Villa 0-3 Aston Villa U21s !!! Oh dear! :lol:
  11. David

    Stuck Behind Late Running Trains

    I'm not having a go at the signalling staff here, as generally speaking they do a very good job. However, at times there are some very strange regulating decisions that do happen (not very often though). Sheffield PSB is the worst IMO. I've been on late running TPE services to Manchester...
  12. David

    Manchester - Liverpool Electrification

    The only thing a postcode means these days is that it's easier for the Royal Mail to send a letter or parcel to the right sorting office for local (?) delivery. The postcode has nothing to do anymore with what county a town is in. Grimsby has a Doncaster (DN) postcode for example.
  13. David

    CPS prosecutes Merseyrail Guard

    While I'm not a worker on or near the railway, I'm still watching this with more than a passing interest. I work in a busy food production factory, and in the section I work in, it is very busy, with forklifts and electric palletisers being used very frequently. Near misses and accidents are...
  14. David


    So do I !!!! Not only because I'm a Scunthorpe supporter, but I stand to win several hundred pounds if Scunthorpe win :P
  15. David

    Shopping at Iceland

    I'll comment on the poultry side of things here, seeing as I work in a poultry processing factory .... Chicken wise, the factory I work at supplies Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Co-op, Aldi and Lidl, plus various wholesale outlets. The chickens used for the Co-op Extra Tasty cook in a...
  16. David


    B****r! That's Scunthorpe United dreams of an upset blown away. Oh well, a hefty payday from a full Stamford Bridge and live TV coverage will have to do ....
  17. David


    Providing we beat Leyton Orient in the replay (we should , but it won't be easy seeing as they are going well in L2), then Chelsea is a winnable match with them woefully out of form.
  18. David

    Hellfire Railrover

    Aye, many a frustrating hour spent with the deckchair at Westbury, and various Glasgow suburban stations chasing those elusive ML 37s and of course 901 ....
  19. David

    Grange Hill

    Hands up those who have been on the set of Grange Hill *looks smug* The building used for the school is tiny, very good use of the cameras to make it look a lot bigger than what it actually is!
  20. David

    Greater Manchester Afternoon Peak Time traffic Congestion

    West Yorkshire can be pretty horrendous at the best of times! In times gone past, it has taken me an hour for me to get from Keighley to Brighouse, then another 40 minutes or so to get where I wanted to in Huddersfield (I was in a van with several deliveries and collenctions in West Yorkshire).