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    Pendolino in Barton loop

    I apologize if not newsworthy but at 10.20 today a Pendolino went into the Barton loop 4 miles north of Preston and 2 minutes later another Pendo passed it at speed. Certainly a first for me. Sorry I don’t have the reporting numbers. Mods please lock if not newsworth.

    Shrewsbury to Birmingham electrification

    (Mods I was tempted to put this in speculation but -----) Rail Technology Magazine says that a strategic Outline business case for Shrewsbury to Birmingham electrification will go before the SoS this summer...

    GRALISTAIRs USA railway photos

    outside my officeDalton GA

    Preston Station damage

    Not sure if it is worth it’s own thread but just how bad is the storm damage to Preston station?

    Provocative cooperation discussion

    I understand competition is good but I prefer cooperation and no us/them attitude. I always remember in the Harold Wilson/Jim Callaghan Labour governments of the 1970s the unions being invited for "beer and sandwiches" at No 10. Now god forbid we do anything as condescending as that but surely...

    Wigan-Bolton electrification. Construction updates only please

    Construction has started. Vegetation clearance at Westhoughton. Here is the link to the original announcement thread: (now closed) Wigan to Bolton electrification officially given go ahead I will be home for 15 days at Xmas, so I will take some photos.

    MML Electrification should be a higher priority - just get it done

    Well I don’t want to be political but the fact the MML is not fully electrified including Leicester, Loughborough, Derby, Nottingham, Chesterfield and Sheffield in a climate crisis as well is an absolute embarrassment and disgrace. Just get it done.

    Wigan to Bolton electrification officially given go ahead

    Green light given for Wigan to Bolton electrification | Mirage News And from GOV.UK ---- MASTER PINNED THREAD UPDATED IN...

    Hard- difficult places to visit and locos to clear.

    In my experience Hamilton shunters were never easy. In the end I had to go on a tour where a permit for Ravenscraig Steelworks was obtained. 4 Hamilton shunters were in the works grounds enabling me to clear the depot. Then 05001 was always fun. Get to Portsmouth Harbour then ferry to IoW then...

    The sixth carbon budget -surface transport

    Climate change committee latest report is out. I posted in Infrastructure. Rail does get some mentions. I will post page numbers later so easier to locate. Sector-summary-Surface-transport.pdf ( This for example partially quoted from page 16 More on page 34 and also page 71.

    Bionic Duckweed Rears its ugly head again

    In the Transport Select Committee meeting yesterday the question was asked "How do we know that electrification will not turn out to be another diesel car fiasco"? The Telegraph today made a big deal of this. As is already alive in the Twitter world today, reference was made by Lilian Greenwood...

    Latest NR Safety Performance

    The latest NR Safety Performance report has been published. From the executive summary

    US aviation discussion

    Covid has forced mass retirement of fleets at Delta. One I am very happy about is the CRJ200s are being retired by 2024 latest.

    NR publishes Environmental Sustainability Strategy

    NR publishes Environmental Sustainability Strategy The 50 page document is here. I have had a read already. Lets see if there is some action rather than just talk and publishing a document. Way too much information to give a summary...

    Speculation -sequence and teams for TDNS electrification program

    OK I started one of these threads about 4 years ago and of course it got Graylinged. What do you think the sequencing should be for UK electrification and the teams? to me start with the obvious easy wins. Also...

    Strengthening Cuttings and Embankments

    Network Rail said their first priority is to do a full risk assessment of the cuttings/embankments of places most at risk for landslips etc. Obviously a laudable aim. I am not an expert on Geo-Engineering but what would it entail to make less risky? I assume a possession would be needed at some...

    Electric Shunters

    I was inspired by the thread in Infrastructure - specifically Grangemouth electrification and class 88 with last mile diesel capability and it was pointed out that Clayton already have an order for 15 battery electric shunters...


    Any snooker fans on the forum? I have just seen John Higgins got a 147. Must have been weird with no crowd at the Crucible.

    TP Upgrade - how would you sequence?

    I did not want to clutter up the main TP Upgrade thread with speculation and hence why I started this thread. We all have our own ideas but in light of the announcement of July 23rd 2020 by our buddy Grant the SoS Transport, how would you proceed? I will start. I admit I have my crayons out! 1)...

    Info -where did I get this infrastructure diagram from please?

    I am after some help please. I am passionate about infrastructure and electrification and I keep a notebook. I usually capture an electronic image on my iPad or iPhone and crop then print and spray glue into my notebook. Old notebook full and transferring to a new one. I got the attached image...