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    A link of interest to ex-Fotopic users.

    Another link of interest is here:- So Fotopic makes the Amateur Photographer magazine.. Quote:- Photographers nationwide have expressed outrage after thousands of their images...
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    221115 renamed Polmadie Depot

    Virgin SuperVoyager 221115 renamed "Polmadie Depot", and rebadged with Bombardier vynyls on its first trip today. together with 7000 other images
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    10000 free tickets on London Overground

    Ten thousand free tickets mark first full service on London Overground’s East London route · New line connects Dalston in the north to New Cross, Crystal Palace and West Croydon in the south · 33 million expected to use the line in its first year Ten thousand free tickets...
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    You will like this.... A Christian Wolmar exclusive with a difference
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    Stop-and-search powers ruled illegal by European court From the newspage:- - - - - - - - - - Police powers to use terror laws to stop and search people without grounds for suspicion are illegal, the European Court of Human Rights has ruled. The Strasbourg court has been hearing a case involving two...
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    £5K payout for arrested photographer A photographer who was arrested, handcuffed and detained for eight hours when he tried to take pictures of a road accident has won more than £5,000 in damages and an apology from Thames Valley Police. Police have...
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    Photographer harrassment still continues..

    An interesting encounter, entirely contrary to the edicts of Andy Trotter , as Chairman of the media advisory group of ACPO, and his memo below:- -------------------------------- The video:-
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    First Capital Connect Inspectors strike again.! allegedly All quotes are from the above site- the allegations are just that. ...We have received a worrying report from a pregnant passenger that was assaulted by a member of First Capital Connect Staff... ...While she was queuing, the inspector...
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    LU staff threaten to throw passenger under a train. Two Quotes:- 1/. After a while, Ian started shouting at the guy to “stand back there is a f***ing train approaching 2/. But then – right at the end of the clip (at exactly 50 seconds), you will hear Ian exclaim (again, I quote): “sling him under...
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    86701 86702 pics

    Pics of 86701 and 86702 ETL locos out on test from Crewe to Stafford earlier today
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    What really happened to Steam?

    The Railway Magazine, November Edition, has launched a feature that explains that a lot of the info in the ‘What Happened to Steam’ books was wrong. A new website is being launched today too -
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    Lots of new updates

    Lots of updates on my site as follows:- Battlefield " Big Engines " event, 30th August Midland Railway Centre "Works Open Day " Event 29th August. Manchester Museum of Science and Industry " Beyer...
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    Want to be on Sky One?

    I have received this email from Princess productions Ltd., who are looking to produce a pilot for Sky One. ---------------------------------------------- I am writing from a London based Production Company. We are currently working on a pilot about Britain's most popular interests and...
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    Police Officer shows his vice Next time you have troubles fotting at a station , point the accusers at this article..
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    Class Forty Appeal ( CFA)

    Some images of the Midland Railway Centre 'English Electric weekend' event at their homepages then click on 'Newsroom' or a direct link While your there , take a look at these pages about a repair fund...
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    Nameplate extraordinaire.

    A never used nameplate by Virgin Trains as part of the HST Challenger project is for sale on Ebay. see item no. 170342162161 or click this link...
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    Eastleigh100 openweekend - Tickets now ON SALE
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    Butterley Class 40 Appeal Gala this weekend

    A special gala event has been arranged for this Saturday 21st June and Sunday 22nd at the Midland Railway Centre with the entire timetable worked by the CFA locos 50007 and D212 Aureol. Saturday 10:30 - 50007 11:00 - D212 11:30 - 50007 12:05 - D212 12:40 - 50007 13.45 - D212 14.25...
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    WCRC Open Day Carnforth July 26/27

    The West Coast Railway Company, in association with The Railway Magazine, Britain's best-selling railway monthly, is to throw open the gates of Carnforth for an open weekend on July 26/27, 2008. The event marks the 40th anniversary of BR's 1968 steam finale and WCRC's own 10th anniversary...
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    Railway Herald Worldwide no 1 for Railway Herald Worldwide no 1 is now available for download.