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    New Screens for Waterloo

    The LED displays at my local station are awful, but since before they were fitted there was simply no information on the platform its better than nothing, the signs can't be read whenever the sun comes out though! Most of summer in the morning you can only use annoucments, the displays look like...
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    Automatic Ticket Barriers Coming to SWT

    I'm suprised Nottingham does'nt have them, I'd have thought it more cost effective than the current way of doing it with six staff covering the main entrance, but then it would need to be redesigned so instead of three smaller doors theres one larger one, maybe they'll do it in the refurbisment...
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    Favourite UK Tram System

    I'm voteing for Nottinghams since its my local one that serves me well and is a good service, always clean, nice shelters and information screens, nice staff, can't go wrong.
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    Boys killed by Underground train

    "aged 19 and 21", hardley boys, there old eneuth to know better, at first glance I thought they were going to be like 12, in which case I'd partically blame the parents, but I have no sympathy for those two. Mornons should'nt have been there.
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    New Screens for Waterloo

    Nottingham had the old fasnioned TV screens till recently and has had some of them replaced with LED screens which are much clearer, but the old screens are left up in some place. Also on a side note above each window in the ticket office is a TV screen saying todays tickets only or information/...
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    FGW Passengers To Strike Back

    Now then Nick, its suggestions like that the get people in lots of trouble, taking trains out of sidings, don't be so ridiculus, if you do that then the sidings would be empty! A nightmare! Sheesh, see the bigger picture here! Yes I'm childish. I saw it on rail chat to, I think its a great...
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    The bus with plenty of shroom upstairs

    Classy, so not only did they do a crap repair job they then did'nt clean the bus properly, looking at the photos it does'nt look very clean, I must say Trent Bartons busses always seem spotlessly clean! Its rare I even see a bit of litter and I've never seen dirt in the corners of windows or...
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    First "at it" again

    I got on the train and the sign saying the destinations don't seem to work at the moment on Central trains to Birmingham new street from Nottingha, I don't know why but there never on, or there wrong. Anyway this one said, in the middle of the jurney, "The train is terminating at this station...
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    FGW High Density HST Mk3 Unveiled

    some of those seats don't look any better anyway! And some of them look like they'd be very suseptable to vanderlism.
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    How to get rid of Bees

    I agree with one guys comment, "see you in the darwin awards soon"
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    Complaint to SWT!

    I think he ought to complain, the train has been designed/operated in a mannor that makes it difficult to contact a staff member, and meant the only avalible staff member was the train driver. This is a problem in itself, if theres an onboard emergency it would mean a gaurd couldn't get to the...
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    Favourite railway station in Derbyshire

    I can't stand Derby, its ugly and with all the work I can never find my way out! Nottingham is far better! They never seem to be actually doing anything to Derby station, whenever I go its always the same.
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    Auto Anouncments - Errors/funny sayings

    Not an auto annoucment but it did confuse a few people, at the end of the anucment of where the train was going the conductor then said safety information is posted by the external doors, a few people glanced around looking for it, the safety information was non exsistant at least by the...
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    Farce Great Western

    It amazes me that in this age of health and safety that this could even be allowed, any other transport has a maximum number of passengers yet rail seems to have a policy of if the doors will shut its ok. On the plus side central also have these problems on some of there services and its saving...
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    FGW High Density HST Mk3 Unveiled

    Looks nice to me, though first class looksa quite, erm, cosey, I noticed they have safety info booklets at every seat too, so something for everyone to draw on and put coffe on, very nice of them :-)
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    Central trains Conductors to strike

    They either strike or threaten to strike at christmas every year it seems, saying that when there not on strike they often cancel so many services, particually on sunday, that they might as well strike. And it constitutes a strike when it is reported as a "unoffcial strike" both by the staff I...
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    Central trains Conductors to strike

    Central trains are such a **** TOC, there always striking, they ere on unofficial strike today, no one would voulenteer for sunday. I don't see what the problem is if they've been offerd double time, I wish I got double time for christmas eve! There must be something else going on as from what...
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    Northern painting old units?

    The Central Trains class 170 internal doors never seem to work, and they are all looking a bit worse for wear, but are still the best on centrals flett, the other trains are in even worse condition. The 170's air con is awful when it breaks though since theres no windows that open.
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    Central Trains offer £5000 reward

    I don't! Imagine cleaning up that mess! Gross!
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    Central Trains offer £5000 reward Central Trains Offers £5000 Reward After Detonator Theft 8 November 2006 Central Trains has appealed for vandals who stole 20 potentially lethal detonators from a Coventry depot to return them. The company has also...