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    Thameslink/ Class 700 Progress

    Mill Hill actually has all 4 platforms full length - Think it was the first one they did before realising by only doing the slow platforms at some of the other stations it would reduce their costs significantly!
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    Thameslink/ Class 700 Progress

    never quite understood why...
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    Thameslink/ Class 700 Progress

    It's only Kentish town, cricklewood which has short platforms. Mill hill Broadway, Elstree, Radlett have been extended on the slows. Forgive me if i'm wrong, but i'm assuming that the stopping trains will all be RLU's (round the loop) and the semi-fasts will be FLU's (Which skip the short...
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    Thameslink/ Class 700 Progress

    Why didn't they extend all the platforms? Presume it was to save money but as a user from Elstree, I seem to always to get on trains that are stopping on the fast lanes! Mill Hill broadway was extended on all platforms!
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    HST Power Car into retro livery

    The intercity swallow livery is just so great.. so good to see it again!
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    GTR ticket office changes

    That was incorrect, as per the auto-response I got a couple of minutes ago.
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    Major Problems at Retford

    Shoot. I'm on a 91!
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    Major Problems at Retford

    Let me know how you get on, I'm on the train behind you!
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    Tree damage to rolling stock - Chiltern

    Noticed that ex Thameslink moquette straight away...!!!
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    Class 387

    Can't stand the ironing board seats.. Have done two gatwick return trips from north of the thames... and on all four journeys i've been very uncomfortable after about 30 mins!
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    GTR Branding

    I completely agree with this. Their website is just so plain looking (boring) and the logo's look very childish to me.. I much prefer the previous yellow and blue thameslink branding from when Govia ran Thameslink first time around.. I doubt any rebranding will be done for this franchise...
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    Virgin Trains East Coast launch day

    RTV = Rail travel voucher - what you normally get when you claim for compensation by the TOCs customer service departments.
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    Flooding at Farringdon

    There were some running late at night I believe (at least according to the TL website when I was checking departure times)
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    Flooding at Farringdon

    I have a question. Why is thameslink (and FCC previously) so poor at giving out information during disruption? Why do the apps/live running boards contradict the actual train service? Its just so frustrating.
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    Flooding at Farringdon

    Thameslink have now confirmed the news that the core will be shut from 21:00 until at least the end of thursday evening
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    Flooding at Farringdon

    That does sound like an operating nightmare if that is the case/placement of the crossovers..
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    Flooding at Farringdon

    It does seem pretty poor to just have 4 trains running per hour.... I feel sorry for the commuters tomorrow morning! When the core was closed for the St Pancras station box building, they managed a decent enough service whilst the core was closed for six months....?
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    TFL Travelcard and Capping Changes

    These changes are a complete disgrace when it comes to off peak travel.. why are travellers who are using services outside the peak penalised?
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    Govia get Thameslink Franchise

    Looks all new and shiny.. wonder how long it will last... Is it just me or does anyone think that the Thameslink logo/branding (or lack of) and website are a bit underwhelming? The old Thameslink livery (blue with yellow stripes) was one of the smartest liveries post privatisation.. But then...
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    Phones 4 u

    I actually think it's a really sad situation. As quoted in some of the newspapers/new websites, without the support of the networks, there is no business. How a seemingly 'good' business which made profits of £100m+/year in the past couple of years can go into administration is a bit crazy!! I...