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    Hi, Are there any sound files to download that replace the poor default sounds that come with MSTS? If not, i will get the ones from Thanks for your help
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    Start up

    Hi guys, How do i delete the start up screen of MSTS? Cheers
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    Class 50

    Hi everyone A quote from 240 diverter at TSC: "Latest developments with the future class 50 release for those who may be interested. Comments on the above welcome, although please bear in mind that the 50 is still in a very early...
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    Weald Line Update

    Can be found here: Looks good
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    37218 & 37259

    Having seen them yesterday on the Ditton-Purfleet, I'm after some old photos/info of these locos before they were acquired by DRS. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Many thanks for your help.
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    Yessss, Bakerloo is out!
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    B'ham X City South Question

    My query is what are the white 'blocks' on the track (they show up much more in some of the other scenarios but i've forgotten which ones!) Please see attachment. Many thanks Richard
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    73107+ Queen of Scots +33202

    Saw this on the North London Line this afternoon, does anyone have any details/photos of the working?
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    Oyster card

    If you have some pre pay on your card and then you put a travelcard on it as well, i presume it doesn't take any of the pre pay :?: How does it know what to take :?:
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    Does anyone know where i can get some information on railway fatalities this year. I was particularly after an incident in the Kenton area on the WCML (near Harrow) i believe was in March where i just found out that an old school mate had died in an incident there Many thanks
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    Trainsimcentral trains page looks interesting!

    Enough said :lol: Cheers Richard