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    Tunstead Sdgs to Westbury Sunday 07/09/14, does anyone know the FL sheds number?

    Does anybody know the FL 66s number working the Tunstead to Westbury 07/09/14? This one: .This would be very helpful i missed the bus to my local station so had to take a less then ideal photo elsewhere from a good distance and i...
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    Butterley M.R.C. to Crewe Heritage Centre (26th August)

    I found this here on RTT and wondered if anyone knows what it actually is. This would be very helpful :)
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    Rumour that Chiltern are going to lease class 68s to replace 67s (confirmed)

    Just half an hour ago my father phoned me up to say that the Chiltern gaffer had been with him in the cab from Bournemouth to B'ham (my dads a xc driver). He said that the gaffer told him he had just signed to lease some class 68s for chiltern to replace the 67s as they arent very economical...