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    GNER team up with Virgin/Stagecoach on ECML bid

    I think this could be a 'dream team' for the ECML: GNER - very good reputation, high service levels Virgin - great brand, currently doing well on the West Coast Stagecoach - the benefits of being part of a major UK transport group
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    Cotswold to sell Class 31's

    According to wnxx, Cotswold Rail have bought 47715 (currently at the NRM) but have put 31452/31461 up for sale - I guess they wetrent suited to CR's operations. here these the only Class 31's CR owned? And what does this mean for their class 33 (forget the number) which is at the West...
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    Victa Westlink hire DRS Class 66's

    The Railway Magazine reports Victa have leased 2 DRS Class 66's and will order 6 of its own Also, do Victa own 47832 outright?
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    Class 47 working

    Accoding to The Railway Centre 47703 was due to move 47635/47727 from Wembley to Eastleigh today. Correct me if Im wrong but 47703 is Cotswold Rail and 47635/47727 is EWS so what was the reason for this move and why are EWS using a Cotswold Rail Loco?
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    Stagecoach X1 Bus Service Changes

    The Stagecoach X1 Hull to Grimsby bus service will go hourly from Monday 16th April, serve Keelby and incorporate Grimsby local service route 12 which means it will also serve Laceby and extend to Cleethorpes and New Waltham
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    Serco/DRS Class 57 rumour

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    Investment in Hull Docks/Brigg Lines
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    The Bill 7/3/07

    Anyone know ere abouts tonights scenes involving the skeleton were filmed? They involved a search on some tracks, while at a higher level a Virgin Pendolino was seen going past so I presume the location is somewere along the WCML in London Thanks
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    EWS Loco Sales

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    Nemesis Rail - FM Rail Fleet News

    From Anyone got any more info on Nemesis - is it any relation to RAM Rail and/or Martin Sargent? Will 45112 still be operated by Cotswold? Update from
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    Class 306

    The Class 306 has been moved from Ilford depot by road to an unknown location according to the
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    Growing the Cotswold Line for passengers
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    37510 works Freightliner

    Info from 37510 was hired to Freightliner yesterday and worked the 1238 Basford Hall-Wentloog
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    Eurostar Class 92's bought by Eurotunnel

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    Freightliner Heavy Haul News

    From the latest RAIL Heavy Haul has won the Potash services on Teesdie from EWS There will be a new Dowlow-Garston Freightliner Terminal aggregate flow for Lafarge There will be a twice weekly Westbury-Moorswater cement service for Lafarge New aggregate terminal to open in April at West...
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    Virgin West Coast to use Class 90's

    Latest RAIL reports that Virgin West Coast will use a Class 90 with Riveria Mk2's/DVT from December when they take over Birmingham-Edinburgh/Glasgow services from Cross Country There will still be the stupid situation of Class 221's operating most if not all of the transfered services 'under...
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    Open Access News

    From the latest RAIL: ORR says the 2008 WCML timetable would need to be rewritten for Grand Union to be accomdated ORR and NR says there is no space in the Birmingham area to accomdate WSMR's services because freight uses up the avialble capacity via Bescot and Stetchford And perhaps most...
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    Gretna-Annan to be doubled

    Very good news
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    Victa/Cotswold/FM Rail Fleet News

    Taken from the latest Railway Herald and Railways Illustrated Magazines Rail Vehicle Engineering Own 56303 Own 31459 31459 and privately owned 31106/128/190 will also be in the RVE fleet for use on Serco and Network Rail contracts - these are the ex. FM Rail contracts Cotswold Rail...
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    47840 Handover tour

    From The Railway Herald Special tour on 28th May from Derby to Minehead operated by Cotswold 47840 will power outbound leg with 45112 on the rear. At Minehead 47840 will be passed over to the DEPG. 45112 will then power the return leg