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    Platform ticket (Leeds)

    Now Leeds has barriers can you still get the 20p platform ticket ? Suppose to meet a friend off a train tonight but remembered the barriers. Many thanks Morgan
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    East coast line hit by landslips can believe noone has noticed this yet
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    online management games or Used to play Toc game then got bored of it, after a year i have just started it again but it seems dead. Before you had to fight to get into some of the scenarios as they where full no there only a few player. And tribalwars what can i...
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    Leeds - Manchester monthly ticket

    hey guys sorry I haven't been round much been busy with looking for work. Anyway am bored of Leeds so me and my house mate are starting a new life in Manchester. The catch is am going to need to stay in Bramley for a month before we get our apartment simply because of bond and house mate...
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    Transport game

    Hi all... Iv been making a new game for some time and finally finished V1. Please take a look. The rail area is closed still as it will take a bit longer to finish but the bus area is ready
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    what do you think

    Best song iv heard in ages This is it live ( its rubbish ) This is the video ( what a diffrence the video make) so what do u think?
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    What a night !!!!

    Well where do i start, I normally walk round with a freind when i go to Leeds station ( he's a dispatcher). We he had just dispatched a 185 that he had down as 22:11( but was 6 mins late anyway but the guard has 22:24. so he gave it its first tip, Guard wouldnt take it, after i showed him...
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    FTPE 170s arrive

    I have 3 reportes from drivers in leeds tonight that SWT 170s have arived and are currantly sat in manchesters 185 depot. 2 of the drivers said there are 3 but the last said that 4 have arived anyone else know anything ?
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    KRS preorder in GAME Its a bit early int it ?
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    2X HSTs ( MML ) head south.

    Two HST power cars back to back, i seen theys just befor i was at leeds gantry. Station coordinator thinks it was going to Derby. Although i looked at a dispatchers TRUST print out and it wasnt a booked train so it was a last minute thing. Anyone know anymore ?
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    show off your Locomotion depots!!!

    This is the game i played all last night, pictures of my main depot: The old layout The old depot conjested, notice the special guest sat in platform 2, and a HST. Thunderbird " PARKER " waiting to join a failed 390"002" This was the way in/out to the station. The...
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    Get From A-b

    right simple... you start with a locastion and try to get to the finish example. Middlesbrough to York Middlesbrough Thornaby Eaglescliffe Yarm Northallerton Thirsk York easy right...... so here goes START: LEEDS FINISH : Manchester PIC Toodle pip
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    Freedom of the north west 4in 8

    Right well i desided to do a rover for a week and as i had done the north east version i thought id try the west one. North west 4 in 8 is more like 8 in 8 theys days and non of the conductors/ train managers check the card you get with it. The plan was to start at leeds at 00:00 on...
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    Simsig Pannel talk

    Would it be posible to use msn ( other messangers are avalibe:-P ) to talk to each other whiles playing simsig. Like box telephones ?
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    Bus Managment Game

    Im thinking of starting a fourm baced bus managment game and i was wondering if people where intrested. Im looking at maps and stuff now and im thinksing of the uks biggest citys. There is a game already like this on another fourm but i would like to make my own. So what do you think? I still...
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    Guess the station

    :newb: RIGHT, hello heres how we play. I give some clues and you guess the station. First one to get it right gets the next go, easy really. RIGHT, CLUE 1- I am a station with 2 platforms and a throught road at the back. CLUE 2- I am regualy used by Northern 142's and 156's. CLUE 3-...