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    Carisle, OK to spot?

    Anyone ever had any trouble at carisle overnight as I am planning a trip soon
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    Crap weather classic traction

    Some updates from today out and about including 55022 87022 56302 Please feel free to look and comment
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    New Additions to site

    Some new photos put in my new additions section, including 67001 on the birch coppice link, 47150 rescuing container flats from Elford loop. Please feel free to have a look around
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    Classic traction bonus

    Bit of a day again, someone once said that classic traction was dead but today I saw 3x31's, a 56 3 times, a 37 smokin', and plently of modern stuff in between, take a look and please feel free to comment
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    Water Orton Today

    Oh my, what a day, two 37's on Birch Coppice and boy was it loaded going but not back, and the driver was having real fun, if his on the forum you are my personal hero now and you know what for. 60 on cement train in the sun, 31's on measurement train, 66+67+60 pulling network rail wagons and a...
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    Variety the spice of life, 47's ,hsts, etc

    Lots of new stuff including the 3 new dreds heading north, 47714 providing some clag, CR hst, Virgins MML specials, lots of freight. new dreds at pirton 20 $ 37 on nuclear flasks...
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    Double Grid

    Crap day until these came along Sort of made up for the normal stuff trudging through
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    Fotopic update

    A few new additions to the site including 56302 with containers, 87's through Berkswell, 60's, 66's etc etc
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    Grid Today

    56302 out and about now updated on my new additions
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    New Additions to Fotopic Site

    Bit from the Battlefield Line and Kingsbury Scrap Yard on this side of the fence.
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    Google Vids - The Single Years

    Two more vids added Railfest 66, a selection of clips with David Bowie Golden Years. Featuring 37, 40, 55, 60, Spoon Spooning, HST, 67, 87, 66, 92 WCML Madness...
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    Fotopic Update

    Some new stuff from today on WCML including 4L46 with 37's
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    Fotopic Update

    Updated my site with a few from today including sheds more sheds and more sheds but in different colours but still sheds, also includes 86 double header, drs 66 at heamies farm, 60 at hams hall reception sidings, ews shed on coal hoppers
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    Need you views

    Hi Everyone Have been doing some work on my fotopic site which can be found in my signature and would like your views on layout etc... Currently collections are by class but need to know what people like to see. Thanks