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    HELJAN 47's

    Well known problem- Mazak-rot. See RMWEB for a lot more info- Here's a link ljan+class+47+chassis&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=uk&sou OR this...
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    LM Rail Sale

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    A link of interest to ex-Fotopic users.

    Another link of interest is here:- So Fotopic makes the Amateur Photographer magazine.. Quote:- Photographers nationwide have expressed outrage after thousands of their images...
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    Most depressing and loneliest box on the network?

    Alrewas signal box , often not seeing a single train in a given shift , yet the main line Derby- Birmingham. with movements every few minutes. is visible from the window.
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    Bite Cards..

    Another tip is to watch for that weeks offers , there is still 20% off the discount price. Makes a special offer 99p pasty a bargain.
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    The law of trespass , in particular as it applies to Level Crossings, but applicable to any trespass can be found here :- and I quote from page 180 in that document:- The trespass offences 13.15 There are at least three trespass offences...
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    idiots on the line (photters and filmers)

    Trespass is not a criminal offence in UK law...
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    Professor slapped with £155 railway fine for getting OFF the train one stop early.

    Try this for the Sun article..
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    Two stations.

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    Digital Camera "Shutter" sound effects

    Digital SLR's are not totally silent- they still have a shutter , and mirror to move. I often find those with video cams have tripods legs occupying the end of he platform , totally un-neccessary for a little palm cam or even a digital stills camera with (poor) video capability.
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    221115 renamed Polmadie Depot

    Virgin SuperVoyager 221115 renamed "Polmadie Depot", and rebadged with Bombardier vynyls on its first trip today. together with 7000 other images
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    Free Travel for Pensioners petition

    Under 16's get FREE travel on all bus and train services , including underground in London- How much does that cost TFL?
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    Some customers can be so rude

    Try leaving ANY train that has arrived at Birmingham New Street during the afternoon rush hour, drinks and bags flying everywhere...local commuter trains are by far the worst, as I'm sure MumRar knows well..
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    Open days 2010

    Its NOT been postponed as far as I am aware... I notice Roark has just one post after joining , and it seems to be a malicious attempt to upset some very worthwhile efforts - I wonder why ? mmmmmmm SUSPICIOUS!!!
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    What are you listening to?

    The haunting Tom Jones - "What good am I?" Got to be the best production ever. Superb drumming, superb guitar, and the singing - wow, what experssion in a voice. (A Bob Dylan song)
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    England V Germany

    England players should be asked to donate their pay for these matches to football charities , to encourage better players for the future.. after what is an abysmal failure to do their job.
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    Dealing with Scum - Dutch Style

    So when the Police issue a description of a wanted person as 'White, Male', they are being racist . This isn't America in the 50's and 60's and has no relevance to use of these terms in the UK today. There are many differences between the meanings of words in 'American' and this country.
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    Dealing with Scum - Dutch Style

    'black' is not a 'race' , so the statement " Then your dutch and german friends are racist" , is just a misguided troublemaker stirring the ****. Neither is 'Ethinic' a racist term.
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    Disabled railcard question

    A DSB railcard can only be obtained by post with written proof of disability. Renewals are only obtainable from the same office , but can be done by telephone and with a credit/debit card, as well as post. There is NO renewals etc at stations ( to the best of my knowledge) For more info...