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    My fotopic website updated

    This month Ive been to Bristol to go on the BHR, the SE twice and the SVR twice. This is a link to my photos Ive taken over the past 2 weeks or so
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    SVR Autumn 'LMS' Gala

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I did a search but could not find any threads on the above Gala. This year's gala has an LMS flavour with 6201 Princess Elizabeth and 6233 Duchess of Sutherland both making return visits and the 1st visit of LNW...
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    Bristol Harbour Railway

    I visited the aforemmentioned railway yesterday, the link to photographs I took is I was a lovely day with only a few white clouds, but I forgot my sun hat so I got got a bit of sunstroke. :banghead:
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    Rail Strike

    Does anyone know of a rail strike in the next week or so I heard about it on another forum but cdant find any info on the Beep's website.
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    Mainline Steam Ban

    There was apparently a nationwide steam ban on Saturday because Vintage Trains trip to York had to have a diesel on it yet yesterdays Shakspeare Express was allowed to run with a diesel between the engine and the train. Does anyone know why this was the case? :???: :???:
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    Wolves to Shrewsbury Engineering?

    Does anyone know why yopu cant get a direct train from Wolves to Shrewsbury on Sundays this summer? Ive checked but they have no info.
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    Preserved Steam Engines

    Does anyone know of a regulary updated list of where steam engines are currently and their current status, i.e. operational, stored, under restoration etc.
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    My fotopice website

    I have a fgotopic website and I thoiught Id share it with you lot. Some of these were taken on a very old anaolue camera with automatic flash in less than bright conditions so appolgies if they seem a bit dull. Plus I was 10 when I took some of the earlier ones!!!!:toothy8...