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  1. richa2002

    Historic Eurostar Arrival Times

    Hello all, I'm currently having a problem with Eurostar in regard to claiming delay compensation. I was travelling on the 09:22 St Pancras - Paris (booked arrival 12:47) on 10th September which I know for a fact arrived at 13:50. This was corroborated by both my phone and on-board clocks, and...
  2. richa2002

    NRT Dec 2016 to May 2017

    Does anyone have the National Rail Timetable between December 2016 & May 2017 that they would be willing to upload and supply a link to? Unfortunately I forgot to download it when it was available. Many thanks!
  3. richa2002

    ATW 'WAG' - Reservation?

    I'm considering travelling on the WAG tomorrow evening between Cardiff & Shrewsbury for an evening meal, but it appears to be too late to make a reservation. From experience, should there be space on a Tuesday evening?
  4. richa2002

    Class 442s - Now at the end of the road and to be withdrawn permanently

    Taken from the 'Class 387' thread: Is the plan for these to be replaced by 387/2s and if so, when is this expected to begin? Many thanks.
  5. richa2002

    East Coast weekday first class upgrade

    I seem to remember that a while ago, East Coast had an offer where you could upgrade for a reasonable price on their Newark stopper services on a week day. I can't seem to find any mention of it now though so I'm just wondering whether it's still available but just not very well documented.
  6. richa2002

    Tatty 60017

    After a brief failure at Radlett Junction, a rather tatty looking 60017 heads north past Harpenden with 6F93 11:03 St. Pancras - Ketton:
  7. richa2002

    Two Separate Advance Tickets & Connections

    Hello all I plan to take the 06:59 Luton to Sheffield service (arriving 09:04) using an advance ticket. Using a separate advance ticket, I then plan to take the 09:11 Sheffield - Manchester Piccadilly service. Unfortunately it's not possible to book through all the way from Luton to Manchester...
  8. richa2002

    East Coast - Weekend First

    On Christmas Eve, I'm wanting to travel from Stevenage to Newcastle which involves getting the 09:22 from Stevenage as far as Doncaster and getting the 11:09 from Doncaster to Newcastle. I will be travelling on a Standard Super Off Peak Return but what I'm wondering is whether I could get a £25...
  9. richa2002

    Network Rail MENTOR Test Train Speed Limit

    Hello Just wondering if anyone knows what's the speed limit of the loco-hauled MENTOR test train? Is it the full 100mph or is this reduced when testing is actually taking place? Thanks in advance!
  10. richa2002

    Past Online Timetables

    Hi all Has anyone here saved the timetable .pdfs ever since they were uploaded to here: I would be interested in having copies before the current one. Thanks!
  11. richa2002

    'The Palatine' Railtour 70013 & 47760

    Here are two videos showing 70013 'Oliver Cromwell' on the Palatine railtour which ran from Victoria to Sheffield. 47760 then did the return trip. Both videos are in HD so I recommend that option. Hope you...
  12. richa2002

    Deltic Convoy to Swanage

    Managed to get a video of this unusual convoy to Swanage this evening with 45060, 26007, 20107 & 31108 in tow. Looked and sounded great as can be seen by the video below. I recommend the HD option if your computer can handle it!
  13. richa2002

    Last days of the Moorgate Branch

    Here are my photos from the last days of the Moorgate branch including the last train out: Hope you like them.
  14. richa2002

    37423 on the Saloon on the MML

    On what has been the best day weather wise so far this year, I managed to catch 37423 on the saloon in some nice afternoon light at Luton Hoo, the photo can be found at: Hope you like it. That will probably be the last photo I take with...
  15. richa2002

    Guess which band I like

    This is a new and exciting game. From the very subtle mysterious clue below, guess which band I like:
  16. richa2002

    High Definition comes to YouTube

    It would seem that the possibility of viewing High Definition footage is now available on YouTube. Ever since buying an HD camcorder in October, I have uploaded some videos to YouTube in HD format but have been downsized to standard definition but for the first time these can now be seen in...
  17. richa2002

    North West Suggestions

    Has anyone got any photographic location suggestions? I'm at Southport at the moment so I guess the logical closest place is the WCML. Thanks in advance.
  18. richa2002

    EMT HST running with only one power car!

    Anyone think this was a 'big' move? ;)
  19. richa2002


    Anyone know where the exceptional 'bathspacentral' has gone?
  20. richa2002

    Couple of lightning photos over Vienna

    When I was staying in Vienna a few weeks back, I managed to get two shots of lightning during a very impressive thunderstorm! Hope you like them