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  1. Mintona

    E ticket availability

    I had no idea you could even get a train ticket on your phone. What will they think of next?
  2. Mintona

    ‘Digital Signalling’ to be introduced on the ECML

    I know there has been talk of this happening on various routes for a while, but this is the first I have seen from the government. A much needed boost for the railways at the moment, which will hopefully put a few minds at ease. I quite enjoy the Yorkshire Post’s use of ‘traffic lights’ for...
  3. Mintona

    Football and railways working together

    From BBC Sport: Intrigued by the possibility of a new ‘fan-fare’ style of train tickets. Not sure how it would work but I hope an agreement can be reached. The railways could be so much better at moving large crowds...
  4. Mintona

    HST covered 1221 Bristol to Cardiff and 1359 return (29/12)

    An HST covered the 1221 Bristol to Cardiff and 1359 return earlier in place of a 150. I have no idea if this was crew or stock shortage though.
  5. Mintona


    This is quite a broad question which I'm sure has been asked before. But what exactly is openBVE? How does it improve on BVE4? And also, what the hell are 7Z files? I've never encountered them before, and my computer doesn't recognise them so I'm unable to extract the routes (I was...
  6. Mintona

    Ashford Kent - London Terminals season

    Assuming a high speed season, is it valid via a change at Stratford Intl and into Liverpool Street? I can't find a conclusive answer.
  7. Mintona

    Routeing query - London to Wilmslow

    Can anyone tell me if a London - Wilmslow anytime ticket is valid via Reading, Birmingham and Crewe? Yeah, I know I should know but I don't really understand the routeing guide. Cheers.
  8. Mintona

    1tph to London

    I have been thinking, which is reasonably frighteneing in itself. But I was wondering if anyone could help me. Which stations have at least an hourly service to London but the station isn't operated by the company that provides that hourly service, nor Network Rail? I can think of 2. If there...
  9. Mintona

    Cotswold Redoubling

    Rail bosses have agreed to improve services for passengers using the Cotswold Line by doubling up sections of the track. The line, which runs between Worcester and Oxford, currently has three large stretches of single track. The Office of Rail Regulation has announced it intends to allow...
  10. Mintona

    Heald Green - Malton

    I am wanting to do this journey about 7am on Sunday morning, but NX and NR websites are both telling me to go via Manchester Airport. Is this valid? I thought it wouldn't be as it is doubling back. Cheers.
  11. Mintona

    3 from Acton Bridge

    Not updated for a while, but here are 3 shots from 2 days at Acton Bridge. There are more photos, but they are mainly just other freight trains. D1015: 37422: 86259...
  12. Mintona

    Crewe - Newquay

    I would like to go from Crewe to Newquay and back on a Saturday to do the HST, but a Standard Open Return is a huge £210. Is there anywhere that I could split the ticket to make it a little less? I need a SOR though. I have looked at Birmingham New Street, Bristol Parkway and Bristol Temple...
  13. Mintona

    Lickey Linesiding

    Morning folks, just a quick update to me site from yesterday on the Lickey. 66727 with a Leeds - Long Marston 43007 on the Penzance - Dundee 60024 on Westerleigh...
  14. Mintona

    Tredington (Ashchurch)

    Hi all, couple of pics from Tredington today. 57006 6Z72 Stockton - Cardiff 60075 6M41 Margam - Round Oak Plenty of other units if that's you're thing ;-) Cheers, Alistair
  15. Mintona

    37s and a steam train

    Hiya folks, been a while since my last ypdate, but today, Bank Holiday Monday, I went and photograhed 37417 and 37401 on Swindon - Carlisle at Ashchurch: After that I headed down to Coedkernew, near Newport to see 71000 "Duke of Gloucester...
  16. Mintona

    Derailment betwen Hereford and Worcester Ok, so it doesn't appear to be massive...but let's hope everyone is ok (it doesn't mention that on the BBC News site)
  17. Mintona

    A decent day in Cheltenham

    Hi all Had a pretty decent day on Cloddymore Footbridge, Cheltenham today! Managed to catch 3 of the new 66s going to Crewe: Also got a First Great Western stock move, with 47828 hauling 33202 and 43093:
  18. Mintona

    All Line Rover pics

    Managed to get off on an ALR with Wayfarer Sam, had a fantastic time, galleries and photos can be found on my homepage: Here are the photos of some of the more interesting workings and units/locos we saw along the way:
  19. Mintona

    55022 at Churchdown - 1Z47

    Seen nice and early this morning: Weather could've been better, but ahh well, not a lot I could do about that.
  20. Mintona

    Over 12 hours in Nuneaton

    I know that's sad, but here are my photos from over 12 hours there. Only 30mins off the station was when we went to Asda for lunch! Missed Eddie the Engine by 4 mins, took a wrong turning on the M6, plus it was early, on my way up, ah well, win...