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    Piccadilly line to Ealing Broadway

    It's not even been tendered yet so what is there to cancel? Not sure if there may have been something to prolong the life of the current signalling on the books? That may have been cancelled if they have deemed it fit to carry on until the whole resignalling?
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    Car crashed into London Road depot

    These are doing the rounds on WhatsApp Not my photos
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    Please explain this numbering

    940GZZLUVIC - Victoria tube station 940GZZDLMUD - Mudchute DLR station 940GZZCRCTR - Centrale Tram stop 910GEALINGB - Ealing Broadway National Rail station 490G00006701 - Fairdale Gardens bus stop 930GWWC - Woolwich Ferry north pier Every station, bus stop or transport stop (that has data) in...
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    liverpool street, class 700/717?

    It was probably a Cl 710 on test from Willesden. One visited a few nights ago. I'll have a look for the photo EDIT: Found it
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    Minibus speed limits and license requirements

    Coaches are 62mph (100 km/h). The minibuses that I used to drive (in revenue generating service) were limited to 62mph as they had a tacho. The driver will have to be driving on EU regs for such a long journey and therefore will have a tacho. PSVs are allowed to do 70mph on the motorway but...
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    Minibus speed limits and license requirements

    It's 62mph. A 12mph (or about 15 minutes) difference is hardly worth such an aggressive post.
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    Identify the train at Glasgow Central?

    Do you know what colour it was? Only thing I can think of is a Class 800 or a Network Rail recording/measurement train
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    Third rail at Glasgow central ?

    Was it on a bridge or curve? Could be a check rail?
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    TRIVIA: Things you saw travelling on the LU that you don't see today

    Yep, M door, it allows quite a few flies in though
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    TRIVIA: Things you saw travelling on the LU that you don't see today

    Happens on the Central a fair bit but that means the driver will be in manual. Also occurs on the Bakerloo as the windows aren't the best when it's really hot.
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    TrainPal / NLC 8454

    +44 808 196 9996 As found on their website here...
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    Price competition on South WCML creates fare anomalies

    Fare evasion is pretty rife on the south WCML. It's only very recently that the likes of Milton Keynes, Bletchley and Hemel will have the barriers manned from first train to last train. But Kings Langley, Apsley, Berko, Tring, Chedders, Leighton all don't have barriers and there's very few...
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    TRIVIA: Things you saw travelling on the LU that you don't see today

    The Bakerloo has a couple of LED signals (LED lamps in original signal head) on trial in the tunnel and the only difference is that they are brighter. The colour is the same.
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    Trainee Drivers - North West

    You've got CrossCountry (Arriva) as well but both them and Virgin rarely (if ever) take on trainees.
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    Can you search by the headcode?

    Nothing coming from official sources, no. There was a website where users inputted the unit numbers they saw running a service but I can't remember what it is.
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    Can you search by the headcode?

    That's not a headcode, that's a unit/train number and that's not currently searchable. If you know what service a unit is on and know the headcode then you can search Open Train Times or Real Time Trains.
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    In car route line diagram updates

    Something about the Central Line diagrams was that they were updated when Tottenham Court Road was closed for refurbishment (or at least the Central Line platforms were) so they didn't include it on the diagrams and every one has to have a sticker with TCR on it.
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    Co-Acting signals

    Only the one co actor at Queen's Park, the northbound station starter (BB32). The rest are draw ups. Theres another co actor installed only a couple of months ago at Piccadilly Circus southbound thanks to the new stopping mark.
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    LU Uniform - Shorts

    Tell that to my managers then