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    Most Interesting, Most Nostalgic, Most Boring, Most Hated

    Most interesting - I think the far North Line. Varied scenery and a feeling that this is a really special railway journey every trip. Most nostalgic - Paddington to Torquay as it's the journey we did as children so many times in the 1960s & 70s. Most boring - Soggy microwaved bacon rolls...
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    I usually do a couple of winter trips each year. Last year I did the 'day' trip to Fort William & Mallaig in December. Wonderful trip. I did it once before in winter to use up a spare ticket and walked on Ben Nevis until it snowed. I also did an extra 'day' trip last November, visiting Breich...
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    I wonder whether the year limit for Flexipass tickets will be extended. I bought my latest pass in February and have had to cancel two trips, one at short notice as meeting cancelled due to Covid and too late to cancel outward booking, and one which had been booked on last years pass. Hence I...
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    Trivia: trains which divide into more than two sections

    Going back a long time the Atlantic Coast Express probably had the most. I'm not sure of the maximum served at any one time but Wiki gives us this - From the beginning the ACE effectively had five destinations, three in Devon and two in Cornwall. Plymouth, by far the largest city in Devon...
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    Drop in passenger numbers sees train services cut

    I've seen several reports of packed commuter trains this morning, including C2C. Services need to be sufficient so that those who have to travel for work can keep a reasonable distance apart. Frequency and / or length of trains should be reviewed immediately.
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    Sorry, it wasn't easy to understand.
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    Fort William & Aberdeen services cancelled to 30th May. Glasgow & Edinburgh have revised timetable until Thursday then cancelled to 30th May. Inverness still running.
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    Drop in passenger numbers sees train services cut

    There may be a case for reducing off peak trains but many people will still need to travel to work and keeping the normal timetable will make this safer by reducing loadings. People are already trying to avoid busy trains by travelling into work early or late.
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    "Please join the train now..."

    It's routinely played at Paddington 3 minutes before departure. Given that they also say doors will be locked early it doesn't actually give much time for people to get to the train if they're not already on the platform.
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    Line blockage Castle Cary

    Next week all West Country trains are going via Bristol so I assume there will be enough drivers signed for this but it seems a bit short sighted not to have all able to go this way.
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    Tissue begging on trains

    I encountered tissue begging for the first time last week - LNWR between Wolverhampton & Birmingham. My local company C2C have a frequent announcement on stations asking people not to give to beggars and giving the names of two local homeless charities with text details to donate. Generally I...
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    Storm Dennis disruption 15th & 16th

    GWR now saying line closed tomorrow between Exeter and Taunton & Barnstaple. Limited diversions to London via Yeovil but that too subject to potential flooding.
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    Asked to Move to Rear Portion for GWR Weekend First

    There was a trolley in both portions with very helpful staff but only a Train Manager in the rear set.
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    Asked to Move to Rear Portion for GWR Weekend First

    I’m travelling from Newton Abbot to Paddington and initially sat in the front set of a 10 car set intending to pay Weekend First. The steward bringing refreshments round looked at my ticket and said she’d speak to the Train Manager. She came back and said that as there was no TM in the front...
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    I'm fortunate that I can usually choose when I travel and with the new stock if I can't get a berth in the middle of the coach I don't book.
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    GWR Dec 19 timetable

    13.04 to Plymouth was 10 car today. It was 9 car when I used it two weeks ago. Excellent Pullman lunch both times. I saw the 10.04 to Penzance leave Paddington yesterday and it was just 5 car. Paignton services have to be 9 car (or I suppose 5 car). Unfortunately the through Torquay train is now...
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    Alliance Blackpool service to be run by Grand Central and start in 2021

    I will definitely use these services when I can. I try to avoid nauseating Pendolinos as much as possible.
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    Southbound from Edinburgh cancelled tonight. Passengers to wait for Highlander. Not sure why not being put on Glasgow portion. Maybe not enough room.
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    Station Usage 2018/19

    When I visited Breich in November there was one person boarding the train I alighted from and two boarding my return service. All looked to be local not enthusiasts. I'm hoping that the next set of usage figures with a regular service will show significant improvement.
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    Back in Scotrail days I was once hassled after arrival at Euston by a member of staff who knocked on my door three times to tell me I had to get out. It was well before the advertised time and on the last occasion she told me I had to get off as the train was about to be taken to the depot. On...