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  1. duffield

    Short lived railways that were built post war

    Ahh, OK, fair enough.
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    Short lived railways that were built post war

    Unless I'm missing something here, surely Sheffield Victoria doesn't belong on this list. It opened in 1851, not 1951!
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    Govenment Briefing 23rd May - Reversing Beeching Cuts

    Wroxall is only a small place, it looks like you could fairly easily skirt round the edge via farmland to the East; the station wouldn't be ideally sited but it would only be 300m or so from the original central site. Of course, the terrain may make this a bit difficult but it seems pretty flat.
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    EasyJet: Nine million customers details accessed including credit cards in 2,200 cases

    If a few companies were put totally out of business for negligent handling of personal data, it might 'encourage' the others to take it more seriously...
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    New May 2020 Network Rail timetable

    Although I haven't used them, there are browser addons that seem to do exactly what you want. For example, 'DownThemAll' for Firefox and 'Simple Mass Downloader' for Chrome (picked these two because they seem popular; others may be better).
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    Class 8̶0̶4̶ 810 for East Midlands Railway Construction/Introduction Updates

    And the winner of the public vote is: "Trainy McTrainface". :rolleyes:
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    Coronavirus: Is this the end of physical cash? Will we go completely electronic?

    It certainly is legal at present for Tesco to go cashless. But a lot of people seem to be ignoring the fact that if this became the norm in every supermarket it would be brutally hard on some groups. E.g. a genuinely homeless beggar who has managed to collect enough coins can currently buy (say)...
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    MML Electrification

    I think that basically when GWR electrification went way off course, they used it as an *excuse* to say "Oh no, we just can't do electrification in this country, we give up!".
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    Rationing of flights - what would you do

    I see everyone is ignoring the actual question, which was '*If* this system *was* in place how much would you buy/sell for' and instead are answering a different question 'Is this system workable/fair etc.' I'll actually answer the question and say I would hope to sell my flight for around £200...
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    Coronavirus and electrification

    And he effectively sacked his previous chancellor and installed a much more compliant one. The new chancellor will do as he's told. If the economy isn't to languish for years with massive unemployment, a huge programme of public works will be essential, and will help to jump start the private...
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    Trivia - Railway Station Nests and other Wildlife

    Yes, see this Independent article. Relevant quote:
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    Has the Virgin brand name become toxic?

    It's true that they should be more accurate in their advertising; however via the coax I do get a rock-solid consistent 100Mbits/s and I think I could get around 400Mbits/s still via coax, so for most people the distinction is probably academic.
  13. duffield

    What happens to the infrastructure of a heritage railway when it goes out of business?

    At least with battery/overhead trams now being a thing (e.g. in Birmingham) you wouldn't need overhead wires to run onto the ELR (but I'm sure there are many other good reasons this won't happen).
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    Llangollen Railway warns it’s at risk of closure

    Letsencrypt provide free certificates, and I understand you can set up an auto-renewal mechanism. I'd consider offering my services, as I've dabbled in SSL setup and certificate renewal, but unfortunately all my expertise lies in ye olde IBM mainframes so I'd be no use!
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    Stations to avoid and why

    Pah. I've had some lovely days out in Skegvegas. It's the closest to seaside we get in Nottingham.
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    Station Suffixes

    Chilworth (and Albury) Gomshall (and Shere) (also various even earlier names) Ash (Junction) (also various even earlier names)
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    Coronavirus virus effect on Heritage lines Summer 2020

    I can imagine that there could be some minor issues that might turn in major and expensive issues if you left them until reopening. E.g. - If we had a lot of rain, blocked drains not dealt with promptly might lead to ballast washouts and track damage. - Temporary measures can sometimes be put...
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    Coronavirus: Is this the end of physical cash? Will we go completely electronic?

    Even if you are not worried about the (admittedly very small) risk of theft via Rfid, Rfid-proof sleeves can be used to manage/prevent 'card clash', where the wrong card is read by (e.g.) the underground barriers.
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    What is the largest/busiest NR station with no step-free access?

    And just to confirm, the plan is correct, I've seen the lifts in use!
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    Stations to avoid and why

    It's really quite nice on a warm sunny day - lots of birdsong, and nearby traffic hardly audible if you're on the low-level platforms.