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    TOPS Requests (including headcodes, allocations, traction, etc) [Instructions in Post 2]

    Is today’s 2Y00 1613 SHF - YRK a Pacer?
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    Class 142 diagrams post-May timetable change

    Where are you likely to find Pacers on a Sunday? West Yorkshire local services used to be a hotbed of 14x traction, but since all these 150’s arrived it can be a bit more random!
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    Ordsall Chord

    IIRC part of the rails on the MoSI point connection have been removed for well over a year anyway.
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    Bradshaws Handbook

    Wasn't there also an updated UK Bradshaws guide published after 1900? I seem to remember this being referred too in the Great British Railway Journeys series, as there are some towns included in the new guide that wern't built when the 1863 guide was produced.
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    Competition 340 :: Desiros on the move

    Rightyho - I shall bear this in mind for future competitions, and re-size my photos! Thanks again Elliott
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    Competition 340 :: Desiros on the move

    I have photos, but it wont let me upload them due to being too big. Whats the maximum photo size that can be uploaded? My photo is 2048x1536 in size. Thanks Elliott Correction - my image has uploaded, as it's portrait (1536x2048) It's when it's landscape it doesn't work.
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    Buying Models Online

    As many others have said, Hattons is probably your best bet. Never had a problem with them, and been using them for well in excess of 2 years. Generally buy the majority of my models from them, and all are still going strong.
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    Few Updates from recent months....

    Hi All Further set of photos from me, these are from King's Lynn, Ely and Peterborough The ususal units, and a few Class 66's, plus a 60. Comments Welcome and Appreciated as always. Elliott
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    Few Updates from recent months....

    Thanks for the comments, much appreciated! Another set of photos, this time from Derby back in July, The usual unit stuff, XC HST's and things. Comments Appreciated! Elliott
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    Few Updates from recent months....

    First set is from my weekend in Kent back at the start of August Photos of the usual plastic on the way to Kent, my time on the Kent & East Sussex Railway with the magnificent Austerities, and the Romney Hythe & Dymchurch Railway...
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    What are you listening to?

    Slam - Pendulum
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    What are you listening to?

    Sex Is On Fire - Kings of Leon
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    Class 180 Allocations

    But if no-one is using them, and Northern only intend on short term lease like their current sets, whats the possibility of the Leasing Co to say no? Surley its better to have a unit on lease, earning money, and operational, rather than sat in a depot not earning anything, and not in use? (Which...
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    Thameslink to the Great Northern

    Yes, a huge drain and cabnets will have to be re-located....
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    ScotRail repaint countdown

    IIRC 158786/789 are Northern units, subleased to Scotrail. The livery you see, is base Northern Blue, ready for when they transfer back to Northern. I believe they were due to move in December, but Scotrail needed them. They were both painted at Newton Heath paintshop last year, in readiness for...
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    Thameslink to the Great Northern

    I was implying that no p-way or equipment has yet to be installed, or even designed!
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    Thameslink to the Great Northern

    The Canal Tunnels part of TLP has yet to reach the drawing board. (Or tender phase!) I actually visited St Pancras this morning, and have a fairly good idea of how the layout should look, once completed. Blackfriars station as has been said previously, is going to completley change both in...
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    Favourite trains

    158/9's, and the humble Pacer. 365s are nice too!
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    Applying for Job with Northern

    No, they check you for that. Its so you don't throw any substances away that could be hidden in your socks or pants, to purify your urine of any drugs that could be found within. Thats what the BUPA lady told me when I asked!
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    Grand Central Discussion

    Excerlent, Thanks very much :D