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  1. Gavelex

    Watch out on ebay...

    Hi all, I'd like to warn anyone buying stock on ebay to watch out for an individual going by the name "littlemanaidan". I won two items off him fair and square on the 28th June '11, have paid and have STILL not received my items (as of 19th September '11). This user begins all nice, and then...
  2. Gavelex

    Class 37 cabrides at North Weald open day!

    The EOR is delighted to be opening the doors of North Weald Station on Sunday 3rd July, to show the progress being made, as the line gets ready for its grand re-opening. This is the first time since 2008 that the public will be able to look around North Weald Station, and we are keen to share...
  3. Gavelex

    Split livery trains...

    Hi all, Just a thought - what are peoples ideas on heritage line trains having one livery on each side? For example one side BR blue and the other BR Green? Obviously you wouldn't be able to see both sides at once, and it would add a little more variety for photographers and onlookers...
  4. Gavelex

    The East London line is open. Me likey :D
  5. Gavelex

    Pendolino reserved seats...

    What coach has no reserved seats? I'm going to Liverpool tomorrow and just rearlised both ways my seat is shyte... Ta :D
  6. Gavelex

    London - Penrith or Appleby

    I want to go any weekend this year, going up on Saturday and back on Sunday. Up as early in the day as I can, back as late as I can. I don't have any railcards ATM. I currently have £14.00 up to Penrith, and £31.50 back from Appleby for November... Anyone got any ideas on how to take this any...
  7. Gavelex

    Watford Junction - Croxley Green

    I went to Watford Stadium and Watford West today, then me and 2 friends made our way further down the line, but in the end gave up due to the overgrown plants. It was superising how much stuff was still there, all the rails and quite a few signs. It was also superising how many things had...
  8. Gavelex

    First 2009 Tube Stock in revenue earning service. You should be able to view without a Facebook account. A bloody brilliant train! A credit to LU and all involved :D EDIT:
  9. Gavelex

    Jubilee is available Baker St - Charing Cross
  10. Gavelex

    Near miss at Hanger Lane Junction [and crap media coverage]
  11. Gavelex

    London Liverpool Street on Friday evening... ahahahaha
  12. Gavelex

    My new photo website Comments welcome.
  13. Gavelex

    The first S stock Phone picture.
  14. Gavelex

    Jubilee Baker Street to Charing Cross
  15. Gavelex


    Be carefull, the files have thrown up these. IIRC this website uses clickteam too. I have my suspicions about this install program...
  16. Gavelex

    Aldwych branch
  17. Gavelex

    Wrong stick at Earls Court

    Well, a training run actually.
  18. Gavelex

    First A62 unit to be scrapped

    The first 4 car set of A62 stock is to be scrapped, the units are: (Aldgate end)5173-6173-6172-5172(Uxbridge end). 5173 hit a tree on the approach to Ruislip heading towards Aldgate on 27th May 2007 in heavy rain. The car was already one of a kind from another accident, where the roof...
  19. Gavelex

    This is a Central line train to...

    Wanstead! (well, 25m of it anyway :P) This is still wip, mainly the platform wall with placement of roundals and benches ect. Comments welcome!
  20. Gavelex

    West Highland line photospots...

    Does anyone know any spots on this line? I'm staying in Largs and need to be back on the same day. I got a 3 day rover today :-D