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  1. Dennis

    Mendip mule motorbus

    For some open top Bristol VR and RE action around West Dorset this summer, check this out; They are experiencing dire ridership it seems, so a rear seat downstairs on the VR is almost guaranteed :D
  2. Dennis

    Stagecoach Cheltenham running day 31/5/14 Looks interesting, Cheltenham, Gloucester and Tewkesbury using a selection of vintage buses, and all in aid of charidee. :D
  3. Dennis

    Lodekka - the double decker dress shop

    came across this earlier, located in Portland, Oregon - looks in good nick :) more here
  4. Dennis

    NPS upkeep & repair (what's wrong with NXEAs trains)

    National passenger survey train upkeep and repair results; % satisfied or good 96 Wrexham & Shropshire 93 Heathrow Connect 93 c2c 92 First Hull Trains 91 Grand Central 91 London Overground 90 Heathrow Express 90 First TransPennine Express 88 Virgin Trains 84 Merseyrail 83 Chiltern Railways 82...
  5. Dennis

    (bog) roll of honour

    From the autumn 2010 national passenger survey, best on train toilets goes to WSMR. As we are no longer able to enjoy these, for a satisfying toilet experience, Grand Central are highly thought of and they recieve this years golden pan; % satisfied or good 89 Wrexham & Shropshire 77 Grand...
  6. Dennis

    Farting to be banned?

    link I'd have though they would have had more important things to worry about in Malawi, one of the poorer countries of the world. Should a similar law be introduced over here? Being on a crowded tube train when someone drops their guts is most unpleasant but how could you prove whodunnit?
  7. Dennis

    Electrifiction (roads)

    With the launch of the Nissan Leaf, and with other manufacturers soon to follow, electric cars now seem to be entering the mainstream. One thing concerns we - do we have enough generating capacity to run these? From the sales blurb, it takes ~1kW to cover a mile. Accepted average car mileage...
  8. Dennis

    8th October; free bus services in Leeds

    Friday 8th October 2010 is the anniversary of the handover of 5507, 5508 and 5509. On Tuesday 8th October 1985, the three of them were handed over to the West Yorkshire PTE in a ceremony at the newly opened Optare's Cross Gates Carriageworks. To Commemmorate this event, Friday 8th October 2010...
  9. Dennis

    Imberbus 2010 for a selection of shots from yesterdays Imberbus 2010 event. 5x Routemasters across the firing ranges of Salisbury Plain in glorious weather plus a few from the ghost village of Imber. A truly memorable and enjoyable event - big thanks to all...
  10. Dennis

    Brunels railways

    Not just Brunel really, but all the other early railway builders. Considering the feats of engineering and construction they performed 150-175 years ago, imagine what they might have done with modern equipment and techniques available to them. Just what might Brunel have got done if he...
  11. Dennis

    Weymouth Bristol VR MOD 571P

    :cry: Found out today that this route 501 stalwart has been sold by First and is off to the Isle of Man in the next few days, bringing to an end Bristol buses running on timetabled services in the area. Shame; had many happy hours grinding up the hill to Portland Heights. Although rumoured...
  12. Dennis

    Bristol Harbourside bus running day

    A few shots from the 2010 event are at As always a good variety of buses and this year, a better selection of routes. Great day out (as always!) :D
  13. Dennis

    Winchester bus running day 1/1/10

    A few shots from Winchester's annual bus running day are here. Not a cloud in the sky all day, no new years eve hangover and a good selection of vehicles to choose from = good day out. However, my new years resolution of taking more interesting shots was soon broken - spot the phot which isn't...
  14. Dennis

    Bearing Christmas Gifts....

    I went out Christmas shopping today, and without wishing to spoil the surprise for tomorrow, this is what I purchased. For Lord Adonis, who seems so keen on knitting, For TOCs with the letters SOUTH in their names, that perennial favourite, deicer, For AXC and Virgin, I bought the same...
  15. Dennis

    Handy hints to make life easier

    Handy hints for an easier life... 1. If a small child is choking on an ice cube, don't panic. Simply pour a jug of boiling water down its throat and hey presto! The blockage is almost instantly removed. 2. Avoid cutting yourself while clumsily slicing vegetables by getting someone else to...
  16. Dennis

    10 questions for you experts

    Well, the whole of the country was out Christmas shopping today so with the festive period just around the corner, I thought it was time for my annual mini fun quiz, featuring some age old questions plus some new ones for you to tackle. Just post your answers to the usual place, or text your...
  17. Dennis

    What to do in Durham?

    This Saturday (28/11), I've got a few hours in Durham :D Is there anything interesting bus wise in the area? Or (2nd choice), any decent train trips worth making? Any ideas most welcome as I've never been to that part of the world!
  18. Dennis

    Leyland Nationals in Hampshire

    For the last couple of months, Thompson's Tours have been operating the Saturdays only 238 Salisbury - Bournemouth via Ringwood and Christchurch service. Mainstay of the service has been Peoples Provincial liveried ex Hants and Dorset Leyland National WFX 257S Next Saturday (17/10/09) sees...
  19. Dennis

    Bristol Vintage Bus Group rally 9/8/09

    A few shots from last weekends bus rally based at Brislington Park and Ride can be found here Highlight of the day (apart from blasting up the Keynsham bypass in a VR) was a nose around the Abus depot and garage - some interesting vehicles on view. I would rate this day as one of the best on...
  20. Dennis

    4th Apr; Ewell West station; 150th anniversary

    A day that promises to be informative, interesting and fun (allegedly!)