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  1. Nick W

    Already booked YP AP tickets when railcard stolen, validity of

    Long story short, I had my railcard (among other things) while walking home from the railway station tonight. I have requested a new railcard online with the crime identification number, but it won't arrive before tomorrow (Friday), when I have an AP ticket booked. Is there anything I can do...
  2. Nick W

    Careless drivers to face on-the-spot fines What do people think? In my opinion, for too long drivers have been able to get away with risky driving behaviour on a daily basis so long as they don't go too fast in front of a speed camera. It's about time something was done about bad driving other...
  3. Nick W

    Planning to create a new railway enquires engine

    I'm planning a new project involving the creation of a new railway enquires engine, featuring the following: - Routing initially, eg finding routes between points, both valid and invalid - Fares lookup, including splitting and "buying shorter/further" - Timetable lookup, with the choice of...
  4. Nick W

    Election today - please vote

    Dear all, If you can vote, please use today to use your democratic opportunity to make your voice heard. For many of you, your seats are really marginal and polls indicate no majority lead so your vote could really make a difference. Many thanks, Nick
  5. Nick W

    FOI into the calculation of National Rail fares

    I recently submitted a FOI request to DfT asking for information the process involved in calculating an individual railway fare dynamically when it was requested. It seems that they were rather naive about the handling of large amounts of data and the processes that we can logically infer are...
  6. Nick W

    Dodgy announcements at Faversham

    A Javelin that had just entered Faversham was announced as being not for public use. Not certain what they were doing I moved down the platform with my bike to prepare to load it on at the right point. Without any notice and within 30 seconds of arrival, to my horror, the doors shut and the...
  7. Nick W

    Ipswich - Glasgow this weekend

    Hi guys, Looking into travelling from Ipswich to Glasgow on Friday and back on Sunday. Sadly cannot give more information at this point. Just looking for tips. I have a YP railcard. I'm also willing for the advice to involve megabus and/or flying wherever necessary. Many Thanks, Nick
  8. Nick W

    Colchester to Walmer trip - ticket help

    Hi, I am trying to find the cheapest way of travelling from Colchester to Walmer (in Kent) for two people, one who has YP and one who is adult. The outward journey would be as early as possible on the 19th July, and the return journey would be around 10am onwards on the 24th July. At the...
  9. Nick W

    How to confuse an idiot

    Check out this great video:
  10. Nick W

    Conditions changed on National Rail website

    Owing to my own battle with National Express East Anglia, I've noticed that the conditions to the day travelcard ticket type has changed on the National Rail website. I also wonder if other tickets have had their conditions changed. Also, the national fare manual is no longer online.
  11. Nick W

    Apple does it again! Beats porn!
  12. Nick W

    Oyster with Railcard

    From January 2008, holders of Disabled, HM Forces, Senior and Young Persons Railcards will benefit from discounted offpeak capping, as long as the discount has been loaded onto the Oystercard. The caps are: Z1-2 £3.10 Z1-4 £3.50 Z1-6 £4.20 Z1-9 £5.00 Z2-6 £2.80...
  13. Nick W

    Crossfail to cost rail projects It looks like the flawed east-west rail link, will now cost Londoners several other schemes and dig into the pocket of transport users. I feel it's time to halt the project until proper...
  14. Nick W

    Model railway delays [joke]

    A mother was working in the kitchen, listening to her five-year-old son playing with his new electric train in the living room. She heard the train stop and her son saying, "All of you b*stards who want to get off here, get the hell off now, 'cause this is the last stop before London! And all of...
  15. Nick W

    The alternative to long-haul aeroplane green tax

    The government now wishes to implement a tax on long-haul flights. This can hardly be considered a "green tax", as these journeys cannot be done practically by any other means (ships are too slow). Rather than charge a fixed tax, why not force passengers to pay for an all public-transport...
  16. Nick W

    "high-speed link" through london I thougt I speed was averaging over 90mph not just over 30mph :P
  17. Nick W

    High speed rail may catch up with air travel Finally someone is seeing sense, but will railways finally compete with low-cost airlines?
  18. Nick W

    Railway to compete with airlines,,172-2453536,00.html HIGH-SPEED trains will compete with airlines between London and dozens of cities on the Continent from next year, when three missing links in Europe’s 186mph rail network will be filled. Eurostar is joining forces with high-speed...
  19. Nick W

    Farringdon to Moorgate Thameslink

    Why are there so few trains a day on the thameslink/"widened" lines to moorgate, and how did the westbound platform at Barbican, a station near the middle of UK's capital manage to simply get shut off? Why has nothing been done? I'm sure London Underground wouldn't mind having 4 tracks in that...
  20. Nick W

    Sod Climate Change, let's fly Who cares about climate change. Let's fly more and more!