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  1. rmt

    Five Tractor Day...

    With 6 possibles out today, one was an early failure when 37611 failed to appear this morning, however, 37610, 37087, 37229, 37259 and 37608 were all out to play, along with a dredded interloper...
  2. rmt

    "Royal Scots Grey" with "The Capital Deltic".

    Wrong HMPS for me, although I think I am a co-opted member of the other one...:wink:
  3. rmt

    55022 'Capital Deltic'

    Just a single shot of 55022 from this morning at Bawtry Viaduct. I may go out for it this evening, depending on alcohol levels :wink: Click Here
  4. rmt

    Had problems taking pictures of the railways?

    Thats actually quite laughable. When I get home from work later, I'll explain why...
  5. rmt

    A couple of New phots, and an Oldie..

    A couple of 'old' shots that I have uploaded in recent days. 20304 at Melton Ross A couple of New ones... Duchess of Sutherland at Joan Croft Junction Bittern at Haywood 70003 at Thorpe Marsh
  6. rmt

    Had problems taking pictures of the railways?

    As far as I know, Meadowhall Interchange has Northern staff in the ticket office only, when it is open. I can recall seeing security staff on the platforms before, but I believe that they are employed by the Shopping Centre to provide a presence for the car park and surrounding area. I've...
  7. rmt

    Deltic Retro Scot II

    The leg to Newcastle was awesome. But I loved the run up the S and C as well.
  8. rmt


    Nipped out on my lunch break today for this shot..
  9. rmt

    Double Tug Bonanza

    Its about 20 past 2 off Neville Hill on a Wednesday, so about half past 2 .
  10. rmt

    Double Tug Bonanza

    Trip out today for a pair of tugs on oil workings... :)
  11. rmt

    Spitfire Spin & win

    Saw you guys saying hello anyway.. :)
  12. rmt

    Goylie Gosh it's Lowestoft!

    I'm already on it.. :)
  13. rmt

    What kind of car do you drive?

    Currently got a Mk4 Golf GTI 150, which is OK. When it comes round to the time to get a new car, I'm tempted by the new Scirocco, or maybe an early edition Lancer.. :)
  14. rmt

    Desktop thread

    Mine :)
  15. rmt

    Retro Avon Grid

    Just about got all the oil and carbon from my hair, eyes and face from the return journey. Was quite entertaining to hear the pair thrash away coming out of Severn Tunnel.. :)
  16. rmt

    Differences in colours on diffrent platforms

    Thats the colour profile I use.
  17. rmt

    A few recent updates...

    Cromwell, Gresley and a few sheds, all in the gloom... South Yorkshire Serco 1 - Mauds Bridge South Yorkshire Serco 2 - Hatfield and Stainforth...
  18. rmt

    Two famous old gentlemen I saw this weekend.

    Cromwell taken at Mauds Bridge if I've got the angle correct. :)