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    Stagecoach West/South West/South Wales - Fleet News & Discussion

    Stroud has 4 new acquisitions starting 4th September. 28/29 Will be merged, One will service Minchampton and then down to Tetbury and another will service Nailsworth, Both service will end in Tetbury. Stroud also has 3 routes in South Gloucestershire. Yate-Bath, Yate-Kingswood, There is...
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    Online F1 League

    Hey Guys, If anyone is interested i have a on-line F1 League going atm with some friends, we are looking for more drivers so I thought i would ask you guys, if anyone is interested you can join here, more the merrier. Cheers Muppet
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    Some Photo's

    Hey Guys, Got a couple of photos here from past couple of months i thought i would upload. Railway Related Double Headed Steamer Through Stonehouse General Photography Gloucester Docks At Night...
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    Counting the pennies - how much do you spend?

    At present for this year I have spent around 800-900 of the Queens English Pounds. 284.00 on MOT And replacement bearing 204.00 on replacement drive shaft ( 5 days after MOT :/ ) 100.00 Petrol ( Do a lot of short city driving ) 250.00 On General Living and Leisure stuff :/ sucks being a...
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    43143 and a night shot of 66156

    Should have told me you where at Stonehouse tut tut Mr Ryder.. ;)
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    Average response time?

    Ah that's al right then was getting a bit nervous, could really do with the job :), cheers for the info guys :) Muppet aka Rhys
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    Average response time?

    Hey All, I've applied for a Despatch job with FGW about 2 and a half weeks ago and still haven't received a reply, does anyone have a rough estimate on how long they take? It's agonising waiting :/ Cheers Rhys
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    For Sale : ...

    ESP Ltd KH - 203. Good Condition, EMG-z Pickups Guitar Bag Black Skull And Cross Bone Inlays 24 Frets. Only need's to be restrung selling for. £325 ONO. Will get some pictures up tomorow. Information can be found here.
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    What are you listening to?

    Dyers Eve - Metallica
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    Car death man 'beaten and shot'

    Your sick.... seriously.
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    the metallers \m/

    More of a thrash metal person, Metallica / Megadeth / Slayer
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    [Non Rail] Night Shot.

    Cheers for the comment guys :). I'm currently using a D60 Nikon are good cameras, If you got the free time I'd suggest doing a Photography course, or if you into computers do Hardware support and interactive media if your college does it, Where I learn't most of my stuff.
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    [Non Rail] Night Shot.

    Was open for 30 seconds
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    [Non Rail] Night Shot.

    Went out for a quick drive down to the motorway bridge. Muppet
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    What are you listening to?

    Fade To Black Live - Metallica
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    As soon as class 43s leave the railway scene

    The problem with most Railway Enthusiast is that they don't ever think about the other side of the stories.. Running Cost, Practicality etc, they just get to stuck up in err everything is going to be **** now Class (ad lib) has gone.
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    20166 Lives

    I'm guessing he mean's it is taking power from power desk's.
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    Pair of Footplate Tickets

    Great Cause..
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    Mr Ryder, Mr Creighton Here :P

    Mr Ryder, Mr Creighton Here :P