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  1. rmt

    Five Tractor Day...

    With 6 possibles out today, one was an early failure when 37611 failed to appear this morning, however, 37610, 37087, 37229, 37259 and 37608 were all out to play, along with a dredded interloper...
  2. rmt

    55022 'Capital Deltic'

    Just a single shot of 55022 from this morning at Bawtry Viaduct. I may go out for it this evening, depending on alcohol levels :wink: Click Here
  3. rmt

    A couple of New phots, and an Oldie..

    A couple of 'old' shots that I have uploaded in recent days. 20304 at Melton Ross A couple of New ones... Duchess of Sutherland at Joan Croft Junction Bittern at Haywood 70003 at Thorpe Marsh
  4. rmt


    Nipped out on my lunch break today for this shot..
  5. rmt

    Double Tug Bonanza

    Trip out today for a pair of tugs on oil workings... :)
  6. rmt

    A few recent updates...

    Cromwell, Gresley and a few sheds, all in the gloom... South Yorkshire Serco 1 - Mauds Bridge South Yorkshire Serco 2 - Hatfield and Stainforth...
  7. rmt

    Archive pics uploaded..

    Hi, I've just uploaded several albums of photos from 2006 and 2007 to my website. To view them, visit Rob.
  8. rmt

    Tornado - 7th February 2009...

    Quick little plug of a few shots of Tornado from this morning, including this shot.. Shots online @
  9. rmt

    Peppercorn Pioneer - 1st February 2009.

    Nikon D300 @ ISO640, Sigma 70-300 @ 70mm. Five pics online -
  10. rmt

    More shots..

    A couple of collections from the past couple of days.. Hayfield Lane - Engineers Trains. Godnow Bridge - Steel and Choppers..
  11. rmt

    This weeks shots..

    Hi. I've had a couple of days watching the RHTTs around the Stainforth area.. 9th October - Stainforth. 10th October - Bramwith Lane
  12. rmt

    A few recent updates...

    Hi.. Just plugging a few of my latest updates on my photo site... Hatfield - 16th August Scarborough Spa Express and Plawsworth - 21st August Bishton - 24th August Alloa Alloer Railtour Tilts and Hatfield Lane - 28th August Water Orton and Kingsbury - 29th August Deltic...
  13. rmt

    [Plug] Doncaster 20th September 2007.

    A few pictures from the Freightmaster Interactive meet at Doncaster on Thursday 20th September 2007. Rob.
  14. rmt

    [Plug] The Jolly Fisherman Railtour.. :)

    Not the greatest set of photos from me, but here are some from The Jolly Fisherman Railtour yesterday.
  15. rmt

    [plug] Barnetby - 27th July.

    Hi. After hearing reports that it would be sunny yesterday, I headed off to Barnetby to check it all out. Here are my efforts from there. Please take a look if you have 5 minutes spare. Rob.
  16. rmt

    [plug] Photos - Hatfield Main Colliery 1st Revenue Earning Freight.

    Took a trip down to Bootham Lane crossing this morning to see 66513 work the first revenue earning freight service from the newly reopened Hatfield Main Colliery. Please take a look if you have a few moments spare. Ta, Rob.
  17. rmt

    Barrow Hill 15/7

    A few photos from the 50th Anniversary Event at Barrow Hill last Sunday, along with one of a Voyager nearly self combusting at Sheffield. It was a bit wet, but I think I got a few decent shots.. :) Rob.
  18. rmt

    Stafford - 21st June 2007.

    Right, a little plug from yesterday.. :) Please have a look if you have some spare time.. Rob. :)
  19. rmt

    [Plug] Retro Retracer Railtour - 28th May.

    Here are some efforts from yesterdays trip.. Please have a look if you have a few moments spare. Ta. Rob.
  20. rmt

    I want one of these please...

    The biggest camera lens I have ever seen... K77UvaiHii0 Now to sell a kidney to finance it... :)