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    1721 Marylebone to Banbury

    The allocations thread have the 68's working 1721 Marylebone to Banbury, however anytime going forward in RTT the 1721 seems to terminate at Bicester North Monday to Thursday and only runs through to Banbury Friday? Is this accurate? Will it still be a Class 68?
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    Acton Main Line to Barking Permitted Routes

    Hi folks, What are the valid routes one could use on a Acton Main Line to Barking ticket? I was hoping to go for a last run on the 'GOBLIN' before it shuts for electrification, can it be used Acton Main Line - Paddington - Highbury and Islington (tube) - Gospel Oak - Barking?
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    London Terminals to Shoreditch High Street

    I was looking at a way of travelling from Kings Cross round to Shoreditch High Street on a National Rail ticket. National Rail suggests Shoreditch isn't a London Terminal and therefore am I right in thinking a London Terminals to Shoreditch High Street is a valid ticket for travelling Kings...
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    Red Dot Day Extra

    Just to let those heading to Red Dot Day at Chesterfield know - the 0937 Chesterfield to London (0927 from Sheffield, 1C30) is fully reserved. There will be an extra service at 0944 which is an extension of the 1018 Derby to London (1C32).
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    London Travelcards and Railcards?

    I've got YP discount applied on my Oyster which caps in Z1-4 at £3.80 off peak compared to £5.80 as standard. Is it possible to get to get YP put on a one day Travelcard? I want to do some rail journeys which don't appear under PAYG Oyster. The TfL fares guide says its possible: Anyone any...
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    New Advantix Traveller Software!!
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    PowerPoints and Wi-Fi

    Two quick Q's: 1) Are any FGW station in the South West fitted with free Wi-fi, either owned by FGW or private companies? 2) Do FGW HST's, 180's and sleeper have powerpoints in standard/seated accom? Are MML HST's fitted these days or not?
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    A chance to do another piece of rare line

    Due to a points run-through in the Mirfield area all Northern services between Huddersfield and Wakefield Westgate (BUT NOT Wakefield Westgate - Huddersfield) will be diverted from Mirfield via Morley to Wakefield Kirkgate via Whitehall SE Junction and Whitehall Spur (avoiding Leeds station)...
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    Northern 3 car 158's

    Northern's first three car 158 has gone live today. 158758 now contains 58714, formerly of 158814. Therefore formation is 52758+58714+57758. 758's cars are in full Northern livery with internal livery, 58714 is in plain blue but remains untouched...
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    Floodtastic Yorkshire

    Been out today getting some pics of the disruption around Yorkshire on the rails. Full collection is at
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    A very busy photo Weekend!! (Estar/GNER/TPE/NXEC)

    Started out on Saturday with saying goodbye to GNER: Final Harrogate - Kings X under GNER 43290 ready to lead the final GNER service, the 2030 London Kings Cross to Newcastle Ready to go ECS to Bounds Green is 91122. Full collection available now at...
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    Franchise Changes Pics (Series)

    I'm going to create a new series of collections to show the last dying days and services of the changing franchises. GNER, MML, Silverlink, Central Trains and Virgin Crosscountry along with changes to TPE and VWC services, between now and 9th December. Part one is saying Goodbye to Midland...
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    Valley Aid at the NYMR (Deltics, Hoovers and Kettles!)

    Brilliant day at NYMR in aid of the Severn Valley, even the Sun came out! K4 61194 "The Great Marquess" arrives at Pickering Deltic D9009 waits time for departure on the 12.50 Grosmont to Pickering 50049 Defiance! See here for the rest. PS: Someone hasnt changed the time on his camera...
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    YP before 10am?

    From what I knew YP fares were not available on CDR's before 10am. However National Rail seems intent on letting me book this one and a few others too. As these exceptions or the stereotypical NRES failure?
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    GNER £5 tickets

    From TRC: GNER is launching a discounted ‘Devil Of An Offer’ that’s sure to be a ghoul’s best friend this Hallowe’en! For one week only from Monday, 29 October to Sunday, 4 November, GNER is offering a special one-way Standard Advance fare, for just £5 for travel anywhere on the GNER route...
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    Sandite 20's at Woodlesford

    The usual combination of very phottable trains combined with awful lighting! 142089 Knottingley - Leeds 66550 L/E 20305 at the helm of 3S21 York - Gilberdyke via Leeds Sandite on the Rail. More @ --- old post above --- --- new post below ---...
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    NYMR Steam Gala 30th September

    Not a kettle head myself but still had a good day out! Another 46 images at
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    Doncaster and Askern Diversions

    Highlights from today at Donny and a return trip to York via Askern! The rest at
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    Church Fenton 17/09/07

    Cold & windy lunchtime at Church Fenton. Naff light ruined most but managed to see 31454/601, 66555 and 37038! The rest at
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    Mini ALR!

    Thursday: 0520 Huddersfield to Wakefield Westgate (Northern) (Planned to join Master Cutler but travelling partner running late!) 0653 Wakefield Westgate to Leeds (Northern) 0815 Leeds to London Kings Cross (GNER) 1130 London Liverpool Street to Norwich (one) 1400 Norwich to London Liverpool...