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    Rail Freight Flows and News UK

    From what I’ve read on Facebook tonight, it’s by road. A Colas driver stated that the flow to Sinfin will restart next month, presumably operated by Colas. A Colas 67 was down the branch earlier today route learning.
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    Rail Freight Flows and News UK

    Do oil trains still run to Sinfin? I’ve posted before, but no one replied, so I thought I’d try again in this more dedicated section. Thanks in advance to any replies,
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    Sinfin oil trains ceased?

    Recently, on one of the railway groups on Facebook, someone mentioned that oil trains to the RR facility at Sinfin had ceased. I checked RTT, and realised that the trains no longer run. As RR needs aviation fuel to test its engines, how are they receiving their oil now....road or pipeline...
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    Inverness Drivers

    If employed by Scotrail, I’d say 158/170 and the shortened HSTs.
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    Inverness Drivers

    Far North and Kyle lines. East to Aberdeen and as far South as Perth I think.
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    RAIL vs Modern Railways

    Modern Railways is far superior. Detailed articles written by respected railway journalists. I’ve read it for the last 25 years. Rail on the other hand....went downhill years ago when Nigel Harris took over. Too cosy to Daft for my liking.
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    LNR new WCML timetable, May 2019 (in open data feeds)

    NewSo, a few snippets from a release to staff today..... Most Trent Valley services are strengthened to 8 coaches....the 1546 Euston to Crewe isn't however, as the 1549 to Liverpool via Birmingham gets 8 instead. Thanks for the update, sadly when I travel up to the Trent Valley, it’s mainly...
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    Video 125 Releases In 2019?

    It’s on their wish list page on their website.
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    DLR are Recruiting Passenger Agents

    Maybe you’re outside the 60 minute commute?
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    GN Class 717

    Yes. Like I said post night shift fatigue.
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    GN Class 717

    Are the cab windows the same as the 385s? They look it to my post night shift untrained eyes.
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    Class 710 LO

    According to Modern Railways, which is usually pretty reliable, the first unit should be tested on the line in March.
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    Unacceptable whistleblowing at Blackfriars

    An amplified whistle sounds very unpleasant. My ears wouldn’t like that. Definitely follow it up as others have said.
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    Glasgow Subway trains first in UK to run with no staff on board

    From what I’ve read, onboard the Subway it will be completely unattended. The exception will be in the peaks.
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    RAIL or Modern Railways

    Another vote for Modern Railways. I’ve read it for years and have just resubscribed for another two years. Excellent articles and expert analysis. I stopped buying Rail about 15 years ago. Was great when Murray Brown edited it.
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    DRS Train Person Vacancies Carlisle and Crewe

    Trainperson according to the job spec sounds like a shunters job with potential to get into the driving grade.
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    Coastal railways with Julie Walters channel 4 sunday

    I’m loving this series. I think it’s great. DarloRich is correct. This is a general interest programme featuring trains. It’s not meant for the rivet counters, it’s an easy going documentary for people slumped on the sofa who like a bit of nostalgia and comedy before they start their working week.
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    Northern Line at Kings X This Morning (5/12)?

    Problems at the South end of the line. Someone feeling ill, then a ruckus between two passengers.
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    Reading to Taunton Driver's Eye View?

    225 studios have done that stretch. A 66 running from Acton Main Line to Whatley Quarry. I have the DVD. It’s very good.