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  1. mildertduck

    TPE Mark 5A coaching stock progress (includes images)

    Can confirm that they were on the line behind P2 in York at lunchtime today.
  2. mildertduck

    Does Restriction code 'TO' allow break of journey?

    I have a return SVR with this restriction code, which mentions nothing about breaks of journey. Is it valid for a break of journey on the outward leg? The ticket is York - Manchester; I was considering stopping for a coffee with family on the way, as it seems the Mk5s won't be in passenger...
  3. mildertduck

    Trespassers Leeds, 30/05/19

    Given that LNER are diverting some Leeds terminators to York, could we have an unintentional first public Azuma running from York later today? (I'm booked on the 1A33 Azuma from Doncaster, but if it starts from York, I'll be on it from there...!)
  4. mildertduck

    LNER Azuma (Class 800/801) Diagrams

    Do we know what the second unit is doing on a Sunday yet?
  5. mildertduck

    LNER Azuma (Class 800/801) Diagrams

    Is the only way of finding out by checking the seat map at this point? I'm looking at travelling South on 29 May and North on 4 June: in the latter case, I can book on 1D11 without issue, but on the afternoon of the 29 May, are there any options heading South after 1A33?
  6. mildertduck

    Level Crossings and Cycle Races

    In the UK, when the Tour de Yorkshire happens, the organisers work with the railway (putting a possession over the level crossing when the race is due through), so it shouldn't happen here...
  7. mildertduck

    LNER Azuma (Class 800/801) Diagrams

    Is anyone considering a trip out on the first day's trains?
  8. mildertduck

    TPE Mark 5A coaching stock progress (includes images)

    Hopefully it will wash off fairly easily :S . Have to say it looks good in the pics, I hope they perform well!
  9. mildertduck

    Worst Weekday for Disruption on ECML?

    Ok, so I've just played with some date from, and analysed the route from Durham to London, for every train between the 2nd December and yesterday, and used it to calculate the percentage of arrivals which arrived between RT and 5 minutes late, by day, and plotted them as a...
  10. mildertduck

    Durham Coast + Horden/Peterlee - time for a revamp?

    One of the things that really is popular is the hourly number 24 bus from Durham to Hartlepool. This takes about 90 minutes. If a direct train service could do this (a) faster and (b) cheaper than the bus, it would be popular!
  11. mildertduck

    Bristol Airport - what a stupid location!

    I've used Bristol Airport, and found it more than satisfactory. The Bristol Flyer bus was regular, efficient, took under half an hour, and priced pretty reasonably. When I used it, it was on time, and I found the whole airport experience pleasurable (which is often a difficult thing to say!)
  12. mildertduck

    False destinations on trains from Reading heading towards Paddington

    A far few years ago, I was at Peterborough and catching the (then: One Railway) service to London Liverpool Street, which was always advertised as Shenfield, to prevent Kings' Cross passengers getting it. This makes a lot of sense, until the adjacent departure was announced, being an (if I...
  13. mildertduck

    Permitted routes between Newcastle and London terminals

    Take care if you think about doing this one. The map requires an unusual London Terminal, and some people might argue whether or not it is valid on a "London Terminals" ticket. I've never had an issue (last time I used it was ~8 months ago), but you might need to have an argument prepared at...
  14. mildertduck

    Joining and splitting trains en route

    XC sometimes split at Newcastle, having used an extra unit to supplement and Edinburgh train, they leave it in Newcastle (or normally drop it back to Tyne Yard) to form a Ncl starter heading south. I have seen this happen, but I don't know how frequently, or if it's just at weekends.
  15. mildertduck

    Rail Delivery Group removing jargon from tickets

    It's a bit odd, as the Routeing Guide has maps AY, EY and KY; so are there no valid tickets via mapped routes on EY and KY? Also, what ticket would be valid on the East Midlands trains York - St Pancras direct train, unless there's a separate "York to St Pancras" price hidden somewhere...
  16. mildertduck

    Rail Delivery Group removing jargon from tickets

    Could they not simply do what OwlMan's spreadsheet says, and write: "London: KGX/MOG/OLD/STP/LST" The three-letter codes are sensible, and easily searchable. Incidentally... I think OwlMan's sheet has actually removed some validity, unless I'm reading it wrong, as it doesn't show STP or LST...
  17. mildertduck

    Staff employed by sports clubs/grounds not paid minimum wage

    It should be noted that companies 2, 4, 6, 8 and 9 all affect only one or two workers, from organisations who will employ a significant number - implying that these could well be errors or anomalies - or even disputes. The others, however, with 50 or 140 workers indicate a significant issue!
  18. mildertduck

    Shepperton to Ely/Cambridge

    There are usually good priced tickets on the (slightly slower) route from Liverpool Street to Cambridge in advance, so if the OP is not too worried about the duration of travel, combining AP London Liverpool St to Cambridge with AP Cambridge to Ely might save a few pounds.
  19. mildertduck

    Weather related disruption Leeds/York/Doncaster (27/07)

    Looking at Twitter, the problem seems to be that passengers are tweeting questions which operators have already answered.... i.e. "can I use my tickets on train X"....
  20. mildertduck

    Weather related disruption Leeds/York/Doncaster (27/07)

    Sounds like York has taken a hit: LNER are advising "do not travel today"