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    End of the station's word!

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    End of the station's word!

    Southampton Central
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    End of the station's word!

    Exeter St David's
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    End of the station's word!

    New Milton
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    End of the station's word!

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    End of the station's word!

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    End of the station's word!

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    End of the station's word!

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    End of the station's word!

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    Safety Critical vs Non-Safety Critical Roles

    Safety Crit is more about the competencies you hold and whether they require you to be not colour defective for example. It's like a guard doesn't have station dispatch competency in the same was as an RO2.
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    Fares Workshops

    I'm super interested depending on where my roster falls with the dates you choose. On the travel note, have PRIV will travel.
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    Fares Workshops

    Are there any winter dates set?
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    What more can be done for passengers needing assistance?

    The main points of failure are a lack of communication on occasion meaning that there could be an assist travelling on a train but we don't know where they are. Unfortunately with one person you can't check a 12 car train in an 2 minute dwell time and then have a realistic chance of getting them...
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    Problems today (7 Nov) on SWML.

    Bridge Strike, BCU (Brockenhurst)
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    Lewes Bonfire station closures - over the top?
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    Delay Repay query

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    SWR Smartcard on GWR I would say yes...
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    HST diagrams - Cardiff to ...

    Hello, I'm hanging around in Cardiff for a few days. Does anyone know what diagrams GWR operate HSTs on still? Or have they now gone?
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    Name - EastCoastway Age - 27 Occupation - I work as an Announcer (the job involves a bit more than this) for a ToC Location - Hampshire In my purse - My staff pass, what else do I need? (EastCoastway is my username because I grew up on that line ;) )
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    Link up Railcard discount at Southeastern station

    No, you need to go to a London Underground station and talk to the staff there...