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    Emergency last thing in the cupboard meal, and other culinary adventures under confinement

    Largely replaced by "lifeboat rations" these days. several suppliers sell these. A small packet is said to feed a person for three days, presuming little activity as would be the case in a lifeboat. One pack a day will sustain a person working hard. They are eaten straight from the packet with...
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    ITV Trouble on the tracks

    I watched the programme and feel that the wording was a little misleading. What I think was intended was "the dispatcher told the driver to proceed, without having observed that the signal was showing a proceed aspect" Rather than that "the dispatcher gave the driver authority to pass a signal...
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    Friend offered reduced train tickets -- Question

    Yes, in most cases, but some websites ARE the modern equivalent of the "bloke down the pub"
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    Friend offered reduced train tickets -- Question

    As many others have posted, this sounds very dodgy, and I add my voice to those urging not to get involved. I feel however that the rail industry have partly brought this and related problems upon them selves. Back in the good old days, tickets were purchased at stations, or less commonly from...
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    Phasing out the sale of house coal and wet wood by 2023

    The prohibition is on SELLING wet wood, except in bulk for the customer to dry. Nothing prevents the DIY gathering of firewood, some of which will be wet. MOST gathered wood tends to be fairly dry as it is often from trees or branches that have dead for some time. However nothing prevents the...
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    Phasing out the sale of house coal and wet wood by 2023

    I have a wood burning stove, which is my main heat source. I buy locally produced logs and consider this a reasonably green heating source. The new regulations wont affect me. I never buy house coal, which is unsuitable for most stoves, including mine. I keep half a ton of anthracite in reserve...
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    Could the railways handle storm disruption better?

    I think that improvements could be made to infrastructure, not everywhere, and not overnight. In areas where the track floods regularly, then it should be raised whenever possible. To do this throughout would be prohibitively costly, but a little at a time and starting with the most problematic...
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    Slight changes you would make to liveries to make them nicer

    I think that the present GWR livery could be much improved by keeping the same design but with a lighter/brighter shade of green. In bright weather the present livery looks attractive IMHO, but in dull weather or under electric light it looks very dull. Not a very bright or dayglow green, but a...
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    rail union blames fumes after 8 diagnosed with cancer

    If on a train, no effect whatsoever. Google the "faraday cage effect" for details. If out in the open, almost certainly no effect, though it is hard to prove a negative.
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    How have the UK's least-liked trains given such reliable service?

    I agree that the main problem with voyagers is that they are too short. However the railway industry must think that short DMUs in place of full length HSTs are in fact fine, look at the numbers of new 5 car units ordered for west country routes previously worked by HSTs. LNER passengers are now...
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    The Cornish Riviera Express

    The travelling chef service was withdrawn several improvements ago. The Pullman dining service is still provided on a limited number of services, a bit expensive but of excellent quality IMHO. The Pullman is only available in one portion of the train, usually that portion that runs between...
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    Traincrew footwear

    I was required to wear safety shoes in previous (non rail related) employment and still wear safety shoes. Feet have been saved several times outside of work as a result. Outside local pub, horse trod on foot. At home dropped heavy box of batteries on foot. Visiting friends, building materials...
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    Steam on rail tours

    So far as I know, steam locos could burn smokeless fuel which is still readily available. This is readily available and is still used domestically in a significant minority of rural homes. I recall "homefire ovals" being used by BR in a few cases. The main merit of such patent fuels is a...
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    AirPods while driving?

    IIRC there IS a specific rule that forbids the use of personal electronics. "no employee shall carry, wear, or use anything that may interfere with their ability to hear audible warnings" or some closely similar wording. I think that this was introduced perhaps 30 years ago when Walkman type...
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    466 departs Paddock Wood with lights the wrong way round

    Whilst in theory a fatal accident COULD be caused the chances of this actually happening seem negligible. Firstly, the signalling system should keep trains well apart, without reliance on the driver seeing the tail light of the train in front. Secondly in the very rare case of a wrong side...
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    Why are drivers paid what they are?

    The wages paid to train drivers certainly sound generous, but in a free market economy, the employers have to pay what it takes in order to attract enough SUITABLE employees. Despite the generous sounding wages, some TOCs are struggling to recruit drivers or to retain existing drivers.
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    IETs (not) banned through Dawlish during rough seas

    I, and others, forecast that the IETs would fail to cope with the adverse conditions found at Dawlish. This was dismissed as "wibble" Being able to cope with extreme conditions was an "essential requirement" of the IET specification, and regardless as to the exact details the units have...
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    Forbidden from using power socket in station waiting room

    Here is a link to details of various non standard 13 amp sockets, including the LUL ones. Moderator note: This thread appears to have run its original course, however if anyone wishes to create a new thread to discuss charging sockets or anything...
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    Forbidden from using power socket in station waiting room

    There were several designs in use for different purposes. Some types were standard 230/240 volts with the odd pins simply to prevent use by unauthorised persons. Others, including those on LUL platforms were 110 volts with an earthed center tap, thereby being only 55 volts to earth, a much safer...
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    Forbidden from using power socket in station waiting room

    These days the red 13 amp power sockets in hospitals are generally used to indicate that the sockets will still function in a power cut due to provision of backup power supply. Ideally they should only be used for life critical purposes, but the power required to charge a phone is so minute that...