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  1. kettlefan


    I'm making the boards for my garden line next week (in between helping 960012 finish his tram layout). Wondered if anyone here has/had/is building/would dearly love a garden line? Mines always had to be an O gauge Colonel Stephens light railway sort of job, although I promised 960012 his lima...
  2. kettlefan

    the worlds bestest train set

    what happens when two RUK members get bored when they're SUPPOSED to be revising for exams? They lay a load of 7 1/4" track on the lawn! lions put in especially for Gizmogle!
  3. kettlefan

    what to do with a Robin Reliant (other than make a Rocket out of it)

    I love this, and if I could, I'd have one!
  4. kettlefan

    random fact you modern image lot won't really care about

    how many steam locomotives have there been in the entire world since the first one took to the rails in 1804? A million? 2 million? Even taking industrials into account,the answer is.........a low low 636,000. How many diesels??? the above stolen unashamedly from Railway Magazine...
  5. kettlefan

    kitbashers thread

    Something a bit different, lets see pics of your kit built / kitbashed stock. It would be nice to see something different to RTR stuff.
  6. kettlefan

    enormous train set ok this is different, a King class made of meccano. rubbish
  7. kettlefan

    Raildriver control panel

    whos got one and what did you think of it? I've had terrific fun with mine, although train sim needed a good sorting out before it would work REALLY well. the only problem i have with it is i don't see how you can use it with Trainz, which its supposed to work with.
  8. kettlefan

    Westcoastway 375

    :angry8: GRRR!!!! words cannot express my hatred for this train, I shall add an emoticon to suit :whdat: there, thats better. I am having an absolute nightmare with this train. I just did a couple of activities with it, and have come to the conclusion that 421s are better! Why? The 375...
  9. kettlefan

    hornby live steam

    anyone got one? I don't (but do have a live steamer in 00, not Hornby) but am thinking about one.
  10. kettlefan

    apprenticeship scheme

    Hi, has anyone here done the apprenticeship scheme? If so in the first year whats the "education" like lol. I've read all about it but just want to talk to someone who's done it! I'm enrolled for next year!
  11. kettlefan

    Sarah Siddons

    whats happened to this??? I heard its been altered to run on Southern third rail but havent heard of it running lately.
  12. kettlefan

    hornby dublo

    just out of interest, do we have any hornby dublo enthusiasts on the forum? If so lets hear whats in your collection!
  13. kettlefan

    failures on the run

    :crybaby: I am rather well endowed for failing on the run.:( First example, I'm supervising a guy on the 7 1/4" black 5 I drive, 5000, on our railways gala day and we were going along quite merrily, except the driver was opening and closing the regulator repeatedly, so the old steam joints...
  14. kettlefan

    HST in a very strange place!

    :idea: ok nearly all of you will probably rebuke me on this but I know what I saw so I will say anyway! A couple of years ago I was driving with my dad over the road bridge going over the railway line at Chertsey and we heard a funny noise from the railway, so we looked down and saw.....a...
  15. kettlefan

    Dapol Q1

    does anyone know when the dapol ivatt and the Q1 are supposed to be released? I don't model in N gauge but its nice to know just in case, never know they may convert me!
  16. kettlefan


    whats your opinion on Addlestone station?