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    Buses v Trains: The Real Competition

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    East Lancs Railway 9 Day Diesel MEGA GALA 28 Jun - 06 Jul

    Its that time of year again folks, time to plug this years 9 Day Mega Gala From 28th June through to 06th July. Along with home fleet locos, Visiting this year*: D1023 WESTERN FUSILIER - courtesy of the National Railway Museum Class 31 31108 - courtesy of A1A Locomotives Limited Class...
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    [BBC] New rail ticket system launched The confusion has begun
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    Train crew rescue runaway terrier

    A nice story about the railways for a change...
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    The human side of the 'Clockwork Orange' Interesting piece, highlights the 'other side' of the Glasgow Underground, what happens at night when the Juice is turned off.
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    Tragic Accident on the ELR

    I am sad to report that a local rambler was hit and killed by a train on the ELR just outsile Bury Station, he slipped down an embankment and fell unconscious onto the line, moments later he was struck and killed by a train.
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    [BBC] New trains 'too heavy for tracks'

    New trains which have been introduced on several southern England routes have experienced track problems and rail delays because of their heavier weight. The trains have been brought in by Southern, South West Trains, and Southeastern companies. The Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) said the...
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    ELR Summer Diesel Gala 4th - 8th July

    East Lancashire Railway Diesel Gala - Wednesday 4th to Sunday 8th July About the event The event is a 5 day gala with a range of different traction both ELR home fleet and visitors to the railway. This year looks no exception to previous years high standards. The event runs for 5 days with a...
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    'High-speed damage' to train loos
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    71 injured in Paris train shunt Seventy-one people have been lightly injured after a commuter train hit the buffers as it pulled into one of Paris's main railway stations.
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    Rail strikes formally suspended
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    10 legit ways to get cheaper rail fares hmm......
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    Can coach travel ever be cool? What do you think?
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    Northern Belle

    Does anyone konw where I can get paths and timings for Northern Belle workings. (Specificaly for 14/02/07 Chester - Manchester)
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    Your Captions Please

    Anyone got marshmallows?
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    442's - Monday 15th

    From a little birdie: Diagram 1...442 Depot 0550 5w01 Bomo 0604 0615 2W01 Weymouth0716 0725 Brockhurst0854 0901 5B11 Poole 1001 1B34 Wloo 1221 1305 1B37 Poole 1519 1601 1B58 Waterloo 1822 1839 1B59 Ston Ctrl 2014 2055 2B76 Wloo 2243 2305 1B97 Poole 0130 0144 5B98 Depot 0153 Diagram2 Depot...
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    Boys killed by Underground train

    Two young boys have been hit and killed by a London Underground train in Barking in east London. British Transport Police said they were part of a group of boys who had been writing graffiti in a depot late on Friday night. They were spotted by depot security staff and ran off - but two of...
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    First "at it" again
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    Inventor of instant noodles dies Can't thnk how many times a pot noodle has seved me from certain death by starvation
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    ELR Winter Steam Gala 27/28th January

    The East Lancs Railway are holding their winter Steam Gala on 27th and 28th January. Featuring: Special Guest (30)850 Lord Nelson With: (4)6201 Princess Elizabeth (4)5690 Leander 92214 (9F) 45407 Lancashire Fusilier 45231 Sherwood Forester 44422 (4F) 47324 (3F "Jinty") Turn up at...