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  1. Lesjordans

    Hostels in London?

    Question for the well travelled among us: Is there any hostels in London that actually accept 16 year olds? The situation is Me + 4 friends want to go to London on the 27th June for 3 nights, but A lot of hostels are saying you need to be 18 or 16 with a letter, but then some are just saying no...
  2. Lesjordans

    Laptop Performance?

    Hey, i got my Dell Inspiron 6400 today and had a quick shot. Downloaded BVE and it seems to perform better than on my desktop. Works good on AC Power, but as soon as it is powered by batteries, im only getting 5fps on the Northern Line (compared to 51.3 on Birmingham X-City). I don't think it...
  3. Lesjordans

    Glasgow-London Record Breaking Time Pendolino + Others at Glasgow Central Taken yesterday, the Pendo managed to break the record :D, A few Cab pictures are in there too Comments please? Jordan
  4. Lesjordans

    Edinburgh Yesterday (inc. 47 Marple Special, Cab of 47) Comments please? can anyone tell me what that blue 47 is?
  5. Lesjordans

    Pictures from today - Leuchars air show trains There we go, the usual 156/158/170 Jordan
  6. Lesjordans

    Absolutely smashing website about Scambaiting!! That website is a must see, its folk who waste those Nigerian 419 Scammers time, and sometimes even get cash out of them! as well as calling themselves Shiver Metimbers and Reverend Covered InP*ss Enjoy ;D
  7. Lesjordans

    New Lens for Photting Anyone ever used this lens? i thought the Image Stabilizer might come in handy Also does anybody know if Jessops pricematch, as i can get this lens for £695...
  8. Lesjordans

    Stirling Station July 23rd We got a 170 and the Usual 158's but the best one was the 12:30 Inverness - London HST, let off loads of smoke accelerating Opinions wanted please :D Jordan
  9. Lesjordans

    Congratulations Seth Your picture got used in BBC :D! Nice one thats pretty lucky. Picture Number 3
  10. Lesjordans

    Landslide on the Piccadilly Line Oh my, Emergency stop and all
  11. Lesjordans

    Glasgow meet pics Comments please?
  12. Lesjordans

    My first proper meet - Glasgow Daytripper

    People who went - Me, Yorkie, Seth, Joy54, Evil-hippo, WSXfan I finally managed to convince the parents to let me go out alone with folk from the forum, couldn't of been a better meet! I got up really early that morning and got a lift to Garrowhill Station (On the Drumgelloch - Partick run) and...
  13. Lesjordans

    Really good new Underground German train A little complicated to Install but its the most advanced train for BVE yet AFAIK, it takes a bit of reading the manual to get used to it, and you have to have your hand held on Tab for the...
  14. Lesjordans

    Largs Station (Slightly Artistic)

    Trying out my new 70-200 f4 L series lens. Comment and Constructive Criticism appreciated please.
  15. Lesjordans

    Glenfinnan Station (1 Pic) Comments please?
  16. Lesjordans

    My Pic made the front page of the newspaper! It made front page! and i've to get interviewed Opinions please? The paper concerned is and its on the front there too.
  17. Lesjordans

    Ugh New virus perhaps?

    Just received this email Hi! How are you? You know I've created my own website! Can you check how it works? It's http://(editsonoclick) Can you see video? Bye! What virus is it exactly in case i have it? lesjordans
  18. Lesjordans

    Whats happened at Glasgow Central

    Due to emergency engineering work in the Glasgow Central area, First Scotrail are running an amended service. Road replacement transport for services between Glasgow Central and Newton, will operate between Glasgow Central and Pollockshields West in both directions. Road replacement transport...
  19. Lesjordans

    Anyone know much about lenses

    Or does anyone happen to own this, is it any good? sharpness alright?
  20. Lesjordans

    My aircraft photos (x3)

    Hope you lot like :D