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    Working Timetable?

    Does anyone have a link to a copy of the December 2013 WTT? Cheers
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    Colour references

    Hi, Whilst looking for colour references for the LNER and BR(E), I came across this really useful site: Regards eezypeazy
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    BVE Scene No 7: nine more 47 skins!

    Our first edition of BVE Scene for 2010 has been published today. As usual, it contains the latest updates from BVE Pages. John Rogan has provided a set of nine (yes, nine!) reskins for the class 47 exteriors for openBVE; two new objects have been added to the ever growing Object Library; Tom...
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    BVE Scene No 6: East Lincs extended!

    December's edition of BVE Scene has been published. As usual, it contains the latest updates from BVE Pages. There's been quite a bit of activity in the last few weeks! Alan Hudnott has completed version 2 of the East Lincolnshire Railway, which sees this beautiful 1960s period route...
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    BVE Scene No 4: Tyne Valley v2 completed

    The fourth edition of BVE Scene has been published. As usual, it contains the latest updates from BVE Pages. Our biggest news is that Tyne Valley version 2 has been completed. Sixteen different runs model most of the stopping patterns between Carlisle and Sunderland. Runs include the...
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    POLL: How do you like your route files?

    In the upcoming new version of Tyne Valley for BVE 4 (and which is drivable in openBVE), I'm including a Railtour route file, based on real timings for a tour from eighteen months ago. It will be configured for the class 47, the Deltic and 37901. My question is, how do you like your route...
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    BVE Scene Number 3

    The third edition of BVE Scene has been published. As usual, it contains the latest updates from BVE Pages. openBVE: Thanks to guillyman and surfsup, there's a superb Class 47 exterior and a Mark 3 coach to provide a train for it to haul. The 47 is supplied with two different exteriors, both...
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    More objects to download

    The Object Library at BVE Pages has grown again! Further sets of posters have been added, together with a set of seven classic enamel signs. Two cyclists have been added to the people page and there’s a fine footbridge contributed by Hans van Oost, aka Busheyheath. You can read all about...
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    Get those cameras clicking!

    Now that the summer's here, many of you will be out and about with your cameras, photographing this and that on our railways. Have you ever seen something railway related and thought, 'I wish we had that in BVE?' We know we can't be everywhere, and we know that there are massive gaps in the...
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    New openBVE exteriors, objects and East Lincs preview

    Another bumper week of releases over at BVE Pages. Guillyman has modified our class 156 DMU object to produce exterior cars for openBVE. Two liveries are provided: one is Northern Spirit, the other is Northern Rail’s Yorkshire Forward-sponsored ‘Leeds-Sheffield fast’ picture livery. Thanks...
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    Summer's here!

    I don't know what the weather's like where you are, but it's rained solidly for 15 hours here in the Tyne Valley. So let's cheer ourselves up with the latest offerings over on BVE Pages... New objects added to the library thanks to the combined efforts of guillyman, surfsup, Ryan Webb and...
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    Friday 5 Oct 2007: The Autumn Highlander

    I was fortunate enough to be able to get a glimpse of 55022 as it revved up heading north through Manors on this railtour nearly two years ago: Now, thanks to the marvellous train from Martin and the team, I've modelled it for my ECML route. The run starts from Newcastle at 1310hrs, and is...
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    UK BVE Club?

    A small group of us have been discussing the possibility of forming a UK BVE Club, roughly along the lines of a "real world" Model Railway Club. We're at the stage where we are looking for interested volunteers to help us to take this forward. If you're interested, please look at this web...
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    An Englishman's home...

    .. is his 14th century castle, with 16th century house and Victorian neo-classical Mansion - obviously! A trip to Belsay Hall and Castle in Northumberland this weekend has resulted in two new scenery objects being added to the Object Library at BVE Pages. The Castle is a "flat" object to a...
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    East Lincolnshire Railway v1.1...

    ... by Alan Hudnott has now been published. This version introduces a diagram for a stopping parcels service, hauled by a class 31 loco, which uses an alternative platform at Mumby Road station. Some objects have been updated, and the download includes all of the objects that will be required...
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    East Lincolnshire Railway

    This new route from Alan Hudnott is now available. And it's very nice, too... Mablethorpe Pop over to BVE Pages to find the download... Regards eezypeazy
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    Platform Generator: just what Fools have been waiting for!

    Guillyman's Platform Generator will be available from tomorrow - an appropriate date, we thought! With this tool, any Fool can make a platform.. Click the image from 1st April to start the download. Regards to all, eezypeazy
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    Oil Train incident near Glasgow From the footage, it looks as if the Fire Service is having difficulty reaching the scene...
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    2009 Calendar

    I last produced a calendar in 2007. I think I've taken enough half-decent photographs this year to publish another page-a-month one for 2009. Click the image to start your download. Regards and a very merry Christmas and prosperous New Year to one and all. eezypeazy
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    ECML:Northumberland version 1.3...

    ... has been published today. The refresh to ECML:Northumberland updates the route as follows: openBVE: I've sorted out all the transparency issues, so the route is now drivable in openBVE, without producing error reports (unless there are errors in the trains - my machine tells me I'm...