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    E-tickets, especially SNCF - answered!

    Eurostar (for example) specifically say you can show their e-ticket on your phone. SNCF still say that you have to print them out - does anyone have recent experience as to whether that still applies? Thanks in advance. Sorry - just looked in SNCF's FAQs: "If you do not have a printed...
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    CZ/SK Advice please

    Hi all, and especially people like @Shredder who know the railways in Czechia and Slovakia! I'm heading there next month with an Interrail. Most of the trip is planned, but I'm toying over two routes that have a bit of loco haulage and are new track for me: SK Presov-Humenne (only 1tpd not a...
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    Interesting formations :) all 333s have been reformed for the jubilee with 2 driving cars together:)
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    Northern circuit Friday 29 April

    First time for a National Rail "day out" in over 2 years; after a long delay for family health reasons, it had waited for light evenings and decent weather - both of which were forecast yesterday, correctly. 0752 Saltaire-Keighley: 333, load about 30%, mainly students. 0811 KEI- Carlisle: 158...
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    Point motors (OO) - another query (bump)?

    Hi all. I have finally got around to installing the first two point motors at Charmouth and have hit problems: when installed under the points, they don't consistently throw. The points themselves are in good order, if on the elderly side. (Even disconnected from the points, one of them seems...
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    Cardiff Capital Card

    Good afternoon all! Following a query on a German forum, does this ticket (which seems to be available from Valleys stations only) actually exist and what is its area of validity?!faredetail?orig=RDR&dest=K275&tkt=7PS Internet, TfW website and so on aren't much help...
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    Bradford and the HS network

    Now that Northern Powerhouse Rail has mutated into Marsden Poorhouse Rail (I know that's unfair), how does Bradford benefit from the HS network? The city (centre) gains a direct electrified route to Leeds, with a small but significant time saving. Travel towards London will be no better or worse...
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    LNER curiosity (Advance London to Shipley and Saltaire, Saturday 14 Aug)

    I know Advance fares sometimes seem arbitrary, but can anyone work out the rationale of these? KGX-SHY, 0833 £29.00 KGX-SAE, 0833 £72.50 Just to make clear, the two stations are on the same route out of Leeds and about 3/4 mile apart. Answers on the proverbial postcard, anyone? (BTW: the two...
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    IoW Steam Railway photo locations

    Good evening. I shall be on holiday on the Island for a week from 5 June. I shall take a trip on the Steam Railway, and it is also the 50th Anniversary weekend. Depending on time, weather and family, I hope to do a little lineside photography. Could anyone recommend good locations where one...
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    Examples of non-UK rail services run primarily/wholly for leisure travellers?

    Mod Note: Posts #1 - #2 originally in this thread There are umpteen examples in Germany, a handful in Austria, and some interesting ones round Prague with historic locos and stock (also last summer in Slovakia).
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    Scotrail HSTs Currently

    Good morning! Having made it to Scotland, I am planning on taking a trip from Tweedbank via Edinburgh later this week and incorporating the Fife Circle (DMU of course) and a Scotrail HST trip. Looking at RTT for today, my Plan A involving the 1131 Montrose as far as Leuchars appears to fail...
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    Borders service loadings?

    Hi all My wife (who has been shielding and is understandably cautious) and I will be in the Scottish Borders in 10 days time. I would like to do the Borders line into Edinburgh, and am wondering about loadings off-peak - does any member have a steer on how busy these trains are midweek? Are they...
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    SNCF to restore Nice and Tarbes night trains?

    Mark Smith, the man in Seat61, has linked to a report in the Nice daily to the effect that the French government intends to reinstate two of the axed Intercites de Nuit - the Tarbes service IIRC was a portion of the surviving service on the Toulouse route...
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    Altered Settle-Carlisle and Bentham line services from 17 Feb

    A flag-up, as I don't think it has been mentioned on another thread: 3 offpeak services each way have been witdrawn between Leeds and Skipton. Trans affected are 1220/1418/1518 ex Leeds 0941 Lancaster/1033 Morecambe/1049 Carlisle. Local information is that this is to reduce congestion at Leeds...
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    Arezzo, Italy, secondary railways

    Does anyone have uptodate information regarding the secondary lines from Arezzo to Sinalunga and Stia? A few years ago these had some vintage stock in regular weekday (?schoolday) use, including ex FS E424 locos among other delights. They clearly now have modern units for some services - is...
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    Amersham Oyster Validators

    Mods, please move if you think it could have a better home! For a single offpeak journey between Central London and Wendover or Stoke Mandeville, it is clearly cheaper to use Oyster PAYG as far as Amersham. Are there validators on the platforms, and if so, approximately where? (This is just...
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    Peterborough engineering work this weekend

    This weekend all down main line trains are running to slightly amended times and booked Slow Line from Fletton to Tallington. I've just passed through the section on the 1730 ex KGX but the only signs of work are - a scaffolding barrier between DS and DF at PBO - a couple of JCBs sat idle in...
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    UK TOCs to no longer accept Interrail passes from 2020 (decision now reversed)

    Mod note: The first four posts in this discussion have been split from this thread in International Transport. A tip from a colleague, which I will take advantage of in the autumn: If you live a fair way from London, an Interrail 3 days in a month plus ES passholder fares is a very economical...
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    SE £20/25 Kent Coast summer offer

    Question from a relative living in SE-land - does this ticket forbid BoJ? Restriction code is OP Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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    WCRC on Lakes Line at Easter.

    Apologies if I have missed a thread about this, but apparently WCRC are running a shuttle on the Windermere branch on Easter Eve and Easter Day when the main line is closed. Otherwise both branch and main line are RRBs. No timetable on RTT as yet...