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    Olympian operators

    Go North East has eight left - three at Gateshead, five at Stanley in Co Durham, all usually confined to scholars work, although one could be found on Metro rail replacement work last night.
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    Are Nexus (Tyne and Wear) about to introduce a Quality Bus Contract Scheme? (October
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    Working Timetable?

    Many thanks - Hadn't come across OTT before, very useful...
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    Working Timetable?

    The lot of them... the Network Rail site contains the current WTTs, and the Dec 13 ones must have been widely circulated by now...
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    Working Timetable?

    Does anyone have a link to a copy of the December 2013 WTT? Cheers
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    Re - introduction

    Good to hear from you again Ed! I'm not as active on Forums as I was and haven't done much BVEing for a while. However, I'm easing myself back into the swing of things with a little project I'm working on! Kind regards eezypeazy
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    Colour references

    Hi, Whilst looking for colour references for the LNER and BR(E), I came across this really useful site: Regards eezypeazy
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    Running Open BVE?

    ECML comes as a self-installer. If you had simply allowed it to place all the objects in the default folders, you would not be having these problems. You will also need the BRSigs, formerly available at trainsimcentral. If you don't have a copy of these, please contact me. Regards eezypeazy
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    BVE Copyright Reminder

    In 'olden' days, when novelists offered their typed manuscripts to pubishers and sent them by Royal Mail, it was common practice to post a carbon copy of the work back to themselves at the same time. When the novelist received his copy back in the post, he would keep it unopened, because the...
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    Longest route?

    Carlisle - Sunderland (the Tyne valley route) is approx. 70 route miles as modelled. I have built the Durham Coast route southwards from there as far as Greatham, but this is still very much a 'work in progress' - ie, I don't think it's up to a good enough standard to be released yet. That's...
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    New station on the ECML - Belford

    ... and I very nearly went to live up there forty years ago, which, Dave, would probably mean that your present employee would never have existed! Strange world, isn't it?!? Regards eezypeazy
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    Wood Lane WIP

    I beg to differ: Kind regards eezypeazy
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    New station on the ECML - Belford

    There's a little more detail reported by the Berwick Advertiser. The Belford Station scheme is only costing £600,000 - hardly a drop in the DfT's oceanic budget! Let's say that it attracts six return journey passengers a day - that's six entries and six exits, making 12 a day in total, five...
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    Wood Lane WIP

    Surely this is one of the reasons why the major TOCs use simulators? Don't they enable drivers to experience some of the major features of a route without having to be on it? And even if you're driving it as a game, surely the challenge must be to learn the route and drive it accordingly...
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    How do you add external views to trains in Open BVE?

    If you pop over to BVE Pages there are some exterior views for some trains, including an Arriva livery for a 142. There are instructions there as to how to make it work. There's also quite a good listing of available exteriors on the BVE Routes Wiki. The link to the listing page is here...
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    BVE Scene No 7: nine more 47 skins!

    Our first edition of BVE Scene for 2010 has been published today. As usual, it contains the latest updates from BVE Pages. John Rogan has provided a set of nine (yes, nine!) reskins for the class 47 exteriors for openBVE; two new objects have been added to the ever growing Object Library; Tom...
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    Club 55 rides again

    Northern operate the NCL - CAR section of the through trains under contract to Scotrail. I believe that Northern Rail's similar promotion is offering returns for a fiver, should the NCL-CAR section not be included in the Scottish promotion. There are currently three trains a day NCL to Glasgow...
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    BVE Scene No 6: East Lincs extended!

    December's edition of BVE Scene has been published. As usual, it contains the latest updates from BVE Pages. There's been quite a bit of activity in the last few weeks! Alan Hudnott has completed version 2 of the East Lincolnshire Railway, which sees this beautiful 1960s period route...
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    Steve Bell's "If..."

    I am not usually a Guardian reader (except on Mondays when I'm looking for a job...) But I must admit, this time, Steve Bell's got it spot on... eezypeazy
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    BVE2 Barrow in Furness to Carlisle route

    I thought I'd add this announcement to this thread: November's edition of BVE Scene has been published. As usual, it contains the latest updates from BVE Pages. It gives me great pleasure to be able to re-publish Derek Kaye's Barrow - Carlisle pt 2 route, which runs up the Cumbrian coast...