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  1. Wilts Wanderer

    Boris Johnson Announcement Discussion - 10/05/20

    I’m still waiting to find out any risk information regarding those of us with asthma. There are currently approx 4.5 million asthmatics in the UK and it continues to be unclear whether this increases the risk or not. Initially we were counted in the potentially vulnerable category (under ‘acute...
  2. Wilts Wanderer

    WCML current Peak and Off Peak capacity

    It has shorter planning headways certainly. How do the technical headways compare between WCML and GWML? The ML planning headway was reduced from 2.5 to 2 mins (Padd-Airport Jn) and from 3 to 2 mins (Airport Jn-Reading) purely to enable the high frequency timetable to be accommodated. No...
  3. Wilts Wanderer

    Unexpected trains as substitute traction.

    My Grandad grew up in Watford in the 1930s and I remember him telling me about seeing the up Royal Scot coming to a stand on the fast line at Watford Junction with an ailing Stanier Princess Royal, which was promptly replaced by a Fowler 2-6-4 Tank which effortlessly walked away with the 15...
  4. Wilts Wanderer

    Important Breathing Technique for those with Coronavirus

    +1 If they could it would be good I think.
  5. Wilts Wanderer

    Important Breathing Technique for those with Coronavirus An NHS doctor at Queens Hospital demonstrates a potentially life-saving breathing technique for people who have or think they might have Coronavirus. This could be really important advice for some people so I’m trying to spread it as far and wide as possible...
  6. Wilts Wanderer


    Which is the right choice. Doing a big data change to roll Dec 2019 forward at this late stage would have meant falling into a similar trap to that which caused much of the May 2018 debacle. From timetable planning perspective May 2020 has already ‘happened’; enforcing a rollover would have...
  7. Wilts Wanderer

    Trivia: Elongated/Indirect Services

    Prior to the Dec 2019 timetable change GWR ran a 0530ish all stations Taunton-Westbury via Bristol TM on Saturday mornings. A direct train via Castle Cary takes about 25-30 mins; this stopper via Bristol took about 2 hours.
  8. Wilts Wanderer

    Coldest UK railway station

    I guess Dent or Garsdale probably get a bit chilly when the wind is blowing along the dales.
  9. Wilts Wanderer

    1Z85 Cleethorpes to Liverpool

    Which is bad planning practice - the A stop should have been placed approaching whichever junction the train actually needed holding at. Presenting earlier than booked at junctions is a cause of mis-regulation.
  10. Wilts Wanderer

    Turnarounds in the working timetable

    In purely planning terms at the TOC I’m most familiar with, if the inbound guard is shown ‘relieved’ on arrival then the doors remain open during the turnaround. If the inbound guard secures the set and walks away without relief then the doors are closed until the next guard (sometimes the same...
  11. Wilts Wanderer


    Most / all supermarket deliveries require a signature on delivery, although I imagine this can be overcome with some straightforward flexibility.
  12. Wilts Wanderer


    I don’t see that at all - seems the discussion is quite calm and rational?
  13. Wilts Wanderer


    Just found it on the BBC story - a Professor Whitty (lol) mentioned it as the worst case scenario. Link:
  14. Wilts Wanderer


    Someone in the government mentioned it I think - that was a worst-case projection across a prolonged (multi-months) outbreak period. Personally I think looking elsewhere gives a reasonable idea of what to expect. UK is clearly some weeks behind Italy so if you want a worst-case scenario in the...
  15. Wilts Wanderer

    New Azuma services to Harrogate: is the timetable sufficiently robust to avoid knock-on delays?

    What types of Azuma are operating north of Leeds on these services out of interest? I'd assumed it would be 5-car portion working with split/join at Leeds, as I can imagine how awkward it would be at Harrogate if a 9/10 car formation turns up! Memories of the (mercifully brief) IC225 drags to...
  16. Wilts Wanderer

    800 Cardiff to Taunton

    Yes, I imagine it isn’t worth raising the pan at Pilning just to drop it again at Patchway.
  17. Wilts Wanderer

    800 Cardiff to Taunton

    0648 BRI-WSM 0742 WSM-CDF 1000 CDF-TAU 1218 TAU-CDF 1500 CDF-TAU 1718 TAU-CDF 1954 CDF-BRI All Saturdays only.
  18. Wilts Wanderer

    SWR TV Advertising

    Perhaps it's making good use of bi-directional signalling on a Sunday morning? 8-)
  19. Wilts Wanderer

    Poor GWR Marketing of Improved Services - M4 Congestion.

    I have a (reasonably well informed) feeling that GWR have held back on the marketing a little bit for Dec 2019 timetable just to ensure everything bedded in well, no doubt with other operators recent timetable debacles in mind. For May 2020 I would expect to see more aggressive marketing of the...
  20. Wilts Wanderer

    BBC news story about new train performance

    A lot of it comes down to training. If a 195 gives the driver a fault code he doesn't recognise, he may feel obliged to commence faultfinding procedures in case it's something important. This might delay the service for several minutes and be logged as a 'casualty'. Yet if the fault turns out...