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    Newcastle 07/03/2009 includes Chartes and DRS stuff

    Hi all, I spent a Day on Newcastle Central yester today and it produced the following: Highlights Include: 37706 and 676 on railtour 66422 and 423 on Tesco Express 67006 on railtour Thanks Comments and feedback Welcome :D:D
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    Update with 43366 and 67024

    A Quick update with Pictures from Newcastle Central for 43366 and 67024: 43366: 67024: More pics from this month can be found here:
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    Does anyone fancy hosting a Game tonight or tomorrow???

    Hi all, Anyone facny hosting a Game of simsig KGX tonight or tomorrow? Thanks
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    T & W Transport update

    Hi all, Website updated with Class 31's at newcastle, thunderbird, DVT and Voyager. Thanks
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    Tyne and Wear Transport Pics update

    Hi all updates for both buses and trains from in and around the Tyne and Wear. Here at Thanks for looking ;) Comments Please ;)
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    Update with 47237

    Hi all I have updated my site with pictures from Newcastle Central and Metrocentre including 47237 working 4Z44 Haverton Hill to Carlisle Kingmoor. 47237 More here: Thanks for looking...
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    Tyne and Wear Transport Updated

    Hi everyone just to let you all know that Tyne and Wear Transport Pics has been updated again from a North East 7-Day Rover, the pictures are at The train pics are in North East Rover and the bus pics are in the February (bus) Collection. Thanks for...
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    Updates buses and trains

    Updates so far from this month plus some more pictures have been added to 2006, and more from this month are being uploaded now! To view them click: Thnaks for looking;) Comments always welcome;)
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    Hi I don't really know where to put this thread so I put it here! I knew a site where I could get headcodes from but, I have miss placed it! I would be grateful if someone could let me know what it is. I would like one that will tell me freight codes and passenger codes. Thanks Dan;)
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    Tyne and Wear Rail Pics Last Update

    This is Tyne and Wear's last update ever! Pics at: Thanks for looking;) Comments Please;)
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    North East Bus Pics last update!!!

    Updated for the last time is North East Bus Pics, as tomorrow it will become Tyne and Wear Transport! There are just 3 images from Nottingham City Centre. They are here at Thanks for looking;) Comments Please;)
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    Hi all, I decided to go up to Edinburgh for the day, got some photos. They are at: Comments please;) Thanks for looking:-D
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    Doncaster and Carlisle

    Hi all recently updated are pictures from Docaster on 25/11/06 and pics from a Carlisle Overnight from 29-30/11/06. They are at Plus there is cab shots of a Tyne and Wear Metro car and a Virgin Pendolino which have been moved into the...
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    November 2006 (Buses)

    Pictures from all over the North East including some depot shots. They are at Thanks for taking time to look ;) Comments Please :razz:
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    November 2006

    Pictures from Newcastle including 2 DRS Class 37's on a test train. Pictures at Thanks for taking a look ;) Comments please :razz:
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    Acorp Rail fest

    Pictures from Acorp Rail Festival, Darlington, plus some buses outside the station and one picture from Newcastle Central. They are here at: Thanks for looking :razz: Comments Please ;)
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    43095 Fills Station with Smoke!!!

    43095 Again fills Newcastle Central with smoke this and a Freightliner 66 can be viewed here. :razz: CLAG MORE CLAG STATION NOW FULL OF CLAG!!! :razz:
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    Request for gen please

    Hello People, Could someone please tell me if there are any special working through Carlisle tonight or Thursday and Friday??? Thanks Dan
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    Tyne and Wear Rail Pics Update

    Hello all this site has been fully cleaned out and thumbnails made bigger plus lots more pictures have been added. To view them click here. Thanks for looking:razz: Any mistakes please let me know about them:razz: Comments Welcome:razz:
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    August Misc (Buses)

    In this collection so far there are pictures from Nottingham, Doncaster, Washington, Heworth Interchange and Gateshead Interchange. They are at: Thanks for looking ;) Comments Welcome :razz: