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    3 Updates in one day!

    Still doesnt look like its going to be better than BVE, specially when you know what good things are going to come to BVE, eventually. ;)
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    Class 317 Progress Report with Sound Clip!

    Check my website for more information, just uploaded last night!
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    Birmingham X City South

    I would expect so - Hopefully not soon though, as theres a lot more we're still getting out of this version of BVE... You'll see :)
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    Birmingham X City South

    I do believe he has stopped them. Due to the framerate problems with the ammount of detail his routes have. - I think he's waiting for a new version of BVE.
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    Jubilee line opinions

    Lovely, not an underground man but yeah does look very good! - Keep it up.
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    Birmingham X City South

    That's Ant for you. - It's also the best written and fastest at running!
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    Class 317 Progress Report with Sound Clip!

    UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE!! The 317 has came a long way since the last post. It now has some more new sounds, the most realistic preformance yet thanks to a driver friend! New *FULL STEREO* sounds are as follows: Door opn/cls...
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    Would you mind...?

    that would be the server, as we're currently moving.
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    Would you mind...?

    It's probably your browser as we're currently having no problems with our host. If we do I'll stick it on one of our other 20 servers :P Thanks for the replys, I will take note!
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    Would you mind...?

    Nice recording? I hope you meant nice BVE recording!! Because it is, honesty! :P
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    Would you mind...?

    Cool, thats great! Just need a few more replys
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    Would you mind...?

    Hi, With our future developements would you mind downloading big files sizes like 20/30mb's? All sounds would be in stereo and it would be worth it... example... Kind Regards,
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    Plymouth Route Screens & Status update

    Nice Nice...Did I mention Nice! :P
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    Website Redesign

    Yeah but I didnt start it. ;)
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    Tonbridge to Orpington

    Yeah, bad idea Damon. You've now lost your Google Page rank, you also now have to be relisted in Google itself and that could take months for you to get back on in the top 100 search for BVE. Yes Virtual-rail will be there and redirected but you'll now get blacklisted for mutiple domains...
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    In Need of...

    Thanks guys, I now have someone that can help.