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  1. Bastiaan

    FGW Trailer Standard Composite Mk3 (TSK)

    Hi, The rolling stock list on says Mk3s 42173 and 42174 are "TSKs". According to the list of vehicle codes this means "Trailer Standard Composite". Does anyone know what kind of coach this is? Is it different than a normal TS or a TSD? I can't find any pictures of it...
  2. Bastiaan

    Codes like "(PP)" etc. What do the mean?

    Hello everyone, When I look at the Track and Route Mileage from Network Rail, some stations have lines with a abbrevation like "(PP)". There is also "(PP-A)", "(PP-C)" and maybe some more of them. At freight loops "(PF)" is used. I've Googled these abbrevations to search for their meaning...
  3. Bastiaan

    Formations of DMUs with different max speeds

    Hello, I wonder how train operating companies deal with the timetabling of any formation of two DMUs with different speed restrictions. Let's take London Midland for example. A single 170 is restricted to 100 mph, but when it's running in multiple with a 153, I assume the speed is...
  4. Bastiaan

    Dutch 58

    Hi, I just wanted to show this picture of a class 58. At March 11 2007 the locomotive 5814 passes the IJssel, which is flooded at the moment, because of ice water from the Alps. This train is the Sunday container shuttle from Veendam to Rotterdam. Click on image to see large picture. Bastiaan
  5. Bastiaan

    Orange roof line

    Something I noticed when I was watching some photos: Nearly all Brittish trains have an orange roof line. Now I wonder for the use of this line. Is it reflecting in the dark or something, for better visibility? Bastiaan
  6. Bastiaan

    Front and rear lights on locos and MUs

    Hello, I would gladly like to know the places of the front and rear lights on these locos and MUs: