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    Arriva Taking the P***

    yesterday i went to catch the 1055 Cardiff - Fishguard Harbour. it was a 143!!! Endurance test that was. Surely there was something better in Canton Depot at the time???
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    The First TPE 185...

    in service,will be the 0621 Man picc-Hull on Tuesday so i've been told.
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    Good pubs/Takeaways near Railway Stations

    i think we should have a list of these,recommendations so when you're out on a trip. Pubs: Worcester FS - The postal order(wetherspoons), turn right and about 3 doors down. Banks's £1.30 a pint. Wolverhampton - The Moon under Water(wetherspoons). come out the station and straight over...
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    anyone got a spare 153??

    almost all of tyseley's allocation of 153s failed last week(mainly the TPWS Light going off). they've had to pinch some off Eastcroft Now.
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    now that's what i call bashing(south wales)

    due to having a bad cold at work on sunday i've chucked in today's revised plan to do the H.O.W. anyway - Friday: Started on the 0836 Wessex from Shrub Hill to Gloucester. 20mins at Gloucester(i think), ran over to asda for some breakfast then came back and got the 0925 CT to Newport -...
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    my plans for the weekend

    just if anyone is in the area and wants to say hello... Friday: on the 1405 Shrewsbury-Swansea(Heart of Wales Line). then GW HST to Newport, a couple of pints in Newport, then back to Worcester. Saturday: Shopping, then a trip to Bescot(the football ground that is) Sunday: Working...
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    Sign my petition!

    can everyone sign my petition to keep the stourbridge town rail service! thanks.
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    question for the lincs lads

    do you know which cleaning company First TPE employ at grimsby/cleethorpes stations??
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    the awful woman strikes again!

    got off my train at widney manor/acocks green today.. that bloody woman(of man picc/leeds infamy)is there as well!! is this world domination or something?? :shock: :o
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    Sportis Machine Picture

    does anyone know where i can find one??
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    they've killed sheffield station!

    not only have they got the new information boards working(which are better anyway) but phil sayer has been dumped in favour of the world's most sarcastic announcer(heard at man picc, leeds etc.) they've killed it! and there's nowhere to buy a green 'un anymore either :( :cry:
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    Chips and..

    what do you have on your chips??? for me, gravy!! mushroom gravy, lush.
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    Slam doors down south

    because i've never lived in the SE, i can't understand the interest surrounding them. can anyone explain? i suppose it's down to what you get used to. the first trains i ever went on were a HST, a 156 and a 158, so i like them.
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    CT's Future confirmed

    basically, VXC, CT, MML and silverlink are all disapearring to be replaced by a super WM/West coast franchise, a super EM/Eastern counties and a Cross country franchise(Newcastle-plymouth plus parts of wales and worcestershire). however, the snow hill lines might go to chiltern if it works...
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    TPE worst in the country!

    from tuesday's doncaster star: Rail service is poorest in the country TRAINS from Doncaster to Manchester Airport have the worst punctuality record in the country, according to new figures from watchdogs. In July and August this year TransPennine Express ran 78.8 per cent of its trains...
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    CT Timetable changes

    in the new timetable: nottm-mansfield woodhouse services will be withdrawn offpeak. the current crewe-skegness service will split at derby, and form crewe-derby and nottm-skegness services. i would think the stations between derby and nottm would be served by hereford/cardiff trains...
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    a day on a GM Rail ranger

    i'm going to list the trains i've travelled on first: 0640 leicester to nottingham, 156410 0742 nottingham to manchester piccadilly, 170104 0947 manchester piccadilly to hattersley, 323231 1008 hattersley to guide bridge, 323223 1048 guide bridge to romiley, 150141 1111 romiley to...
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    when central trains goes..

    who do you think will take over the various parts?? i've heard one company will take over the WM operations(silverlink??)and the other the EM operations(MML?) another story is two new companies will be formed out of Silverlink, CT, MML and VXC! and another meaning split like this...
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    leicester and london local trains to brentford

    going to brentford yesterday, i didn't want to use the tube. so i planned a different route which enabled me to get some photos. no unit numbers as my book is at home!! i got an earlier train then i planned, the 0715 leeds-st pancras. very easy run, with supposedly giant haystacks' son ...