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  1. southy39

    Class 87 Farewell Stock?

    while the tour being re run is by no means confirmed, Cotswold advenza can act as a TOC. and the VWC Mk.3 set has had an A exam so its reported as available if cotswold or someone else agree to hire it for a tour.
  2. southy39

    Class 87 Farewell Stock?

    well it seems the phones were still rning late last night... and spooner(cotswold) has drivers and guards ready and willing to operate the stock its just a matter of finding stock... the chief at wembley has people going in today to give the VWC set an A exam 3 days early just incase it gets...
  3. southy39

    Class 87 Farewell Stock?

    your not alone.... atlest the mk.3s will be warm and comfortable.
  4. southy39

    Class 87 Farewell Stock?

    well atleast when the FC end is coupled next to the loco it will look good since the blue is the same shade...
  5. southy39

    Class 87 Farewell Stock?

    just wondering if anyone knows what LHCS is to be used... AFAIK it was originally meant to be the Cargo-D/Rail Blue Stock that was to be used then the Rail Blue set with some Ex FMR Mk.2s now rumours sugest that the DRS set is to be used along with some odds and ends from WCRC
  6. southy39

    MPs call for FGW to be re-nationalised

    do you honestly think that the government wants to have to pay for the lease on all stock, for the refurbs, for all the other things.... remember this is the same government that while they are specifying the spec for the HST2 do not want to purchase them themself... as they dont want them...
  7. southy39

    HULL TRAINS LHCS 86101+87022 starts this Friday!

    well given that Bombardier were at fault, with the damage caused to 103 caused by Bombardiers Lifting jacks faling, and the maintainance of the units the responsablity of Bombardier.. then it would be their responsability either through insurance or avoiding the insurance to avoid premium...
  8. southy39

    HULL TRAINS LHCS 86101+87022 starts this Friday!

    no offense and not to try to pull you down but it was my understanding that Bombardier/Thier Insurers are coverig the cost. However if that is wrong i appologise.
  9. southy39

    Victa Westlink

    If you read Issue 111 of Railway herald it is reported that 47832 has been bought by Mainline Rail(ECT/Nemesis/Fragonset) and is on hire to VWR and id assume DRS till December 15th.
  10. southy39

    Farewell to the Class 87's 29/12/07

    well considring only 2x 87s are passed for use on NR it would be a 50/50 chance at getting the good lord... but i too am thankfull
  11. southy39

    Farewell to the Class 87's 29/12/07

    it went to southend light engine... for what.... theres nothing in Southend... well nothing that would be any use. unless its to do with the Royal mail terminal there.. next to Southend victoria... i think it has a platform....
  12. southy39

    222017 Emt

    from the initial post i took it as meaning the colour used may not be the correct shade or an acceptable shade of warning yellow...
  13. southy39

    London Midland Desiro Livery (images)

    i quite like the LM livery... the livery that is on the 170 is really quite close to the livery that is on the Southern 170s... only difference being the black and green blow the windows... and the green curve on the cab side. but id agree the grey version probably will wear better.... white...
  14. southy39

    Farewell to the Class 87's 29/12/07

    "Above" the windows... lol you mean below the orange window surrounds . rumour was 002 was being prepaired for mainline use. either its being prepared for shipping overseas... OR FGBRf are going to hire an additional locomotive for the extra mail services this christmas. personally i...
  15. southy39

    FSR Caledonian Sleeper

    any more news about this or is it still just a rumour....
  16. southy39

    Farewell to the Class 87's 29/12/07

    well.. im booked on this.... first railtour... shame its during my busiest time of the year... but hey.. its well worth it. not sure if its crazy to drive from glasgow to birmingham to go to glasgow , back to birmingham and then drive to glasgow what stock is being used... anyone know...
  17. southy39

    45112 to be used with Cotswold Rail?

    either way the peak is privatly owned and as it was transfered to "RAM Rail" it should be protected from bailifs and there is nothign wrong with its owner wanting to put it to work on the mainline through another operator. if memory serves FM Rail couldnt justify fitting the peak with otmr...
  18. southy39

    Freightliner to use Class 73 for shunting?

    has anyone considered the fact that the loco was being under utilised on the railway it was based.. maybe its owner can make more money hiring it to freightliner for use in a freight yard so freightliner can use the 66's or 57's on a revenue earning train rather than shunting the Network rail...