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    The last few weeks

    A couple of my photos taken since the last of December click to enlarge, a few more are at 60066 is seen leading 6Z55 Toton-Kingsbury south out of Elford Loop - 04/12/2013 D1015 is seen working 6D02 Wellingborough-Mountsorrel north at...
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    Scotland over Easter including the Easter Highlander

    A few from a trip to Scotland over Easter. On the way north 66102 is seen leading 6K05 Carlisle-Crewe south at Ais Gill - 29/03/2013 67004 is seen leading 1Y11 (London Euston) Edinbough-Fort William north at Achallader just north of Bridge of Orchy- 30/03/2013 37409 and...
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    Berkshire/Oxfordshire Yesterday

    A mainly sunny day with a few 60s about on odd workings 59206 is seen leading 7A09 Merehead-Acton east just west of Hungerford 56303 is seen leading 6Z91 Calvert-Didcot south at Hinksey 60049 is seen leading 6A49 Didcot-Bicester north at Hinksey 60099 is seen leading 6V38...
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    Western North America

    A 11 day trip flying to Calgary visiting Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Washingon, Oregon and Montana. A few photos are below click on any to enlarge and the rest are at BNSF in the Columbia River Gorge UP steam in the Columbia...
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    British Columbia and Alaska

    A selection of photos from a recent holiday to British Columbia (Canada) and Alaska are on my newly redesigned website: to go straight to the page also some other recent British bits also at
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    A few photos from the past week or so in Scotland (click on any to enlarge) 66726 at Rannoch Highland Chieften near Dalwhinnie 47804 on the Queen of Scots at Rannoch 66099 at Slochd Summit 1Z37 at Loch a'Chuilinn going to Kyle 1Z37 again near Durinish 1Z38...
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    Western USA and Canada

    A selection of photos from a good almost 3 week trip to Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Alberta, British Columbia and Washington state. The rest (77 photos) are all uploaded now at plus...
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    Devon and Cornwall

    A few from yesterday of the 37s and the 40.... 37194 and 37087 are seen working 1Z70 Birmingham Intl-Penzance west near Redruth 40145 is seen working 1Z37 Portsmouth Harbour-Penzance west near Redruth 37087 and 37194 are seen working 1Z73 Penzance Birmingham Intl east at Restormal...
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    Peak Forest Tugs

    A few photos from Monday and Tuesday of 60018/59/ and now 91 working off Peak Forest Sun a bit too head on but did'nt have time it make it anywhere better - 60018 is seen working 6H03 Oakleigh-Tunstead south at New Mills South Junction - 11/05/2009 60018 is seen working 6F05...
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    The last few weeks

    A selection of photos since Mid April from around the country. Sorry for two many of froth tug 59 but it sadly seems to be following be around at the moment... The 59 trial on 6A11 which went wrong - 60065 is seen leading a failed 59202 on a mega Late 6A11 Robeston-Theale east at Crofton -...
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    The last week mainly West Highland Tractors

    A selection of photos from around England and Scotland this last week. 60024 is seen working 6B13 Robeston-Westerleigh north of Gatcombe - 07/04/2009 47237 is seen working 6E66 Cardiff-Shipley at Badgeworth - 07/04/2009 47818 is seen working 5Z47 Loughbough-Landore south past...
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    The last week or so

    A selection of photos over the past week or so 37401 is seen working 1Z37 Nottingham-Machen via Tondu east at Aberthaw with 60024 on the rear - 28/03/2009 60059 is seen working 6H03 Oakleigh-Tunstead near Chinley - 01/04/2009 60065 is seen working 6J46 Peak Forest-Hope Street at...
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    The last week mainly tugs

    A few from the last week mainly of class 60s in there final weeks... 60065 at Great Rocks on 6H59 Peak Forest-Dowlow - 18/03/2009 60065 is seen working 6H59 Peak Forest-Dowlow down the Dowlow branch - 18/03/2009 60063 is seen working 6M82 Walsall-Tunstead at Chinley south...
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    Rätische Bahn in the snow

    A selection of photos from a 5 day trip between Christmas and New Year (click on any to enlarge)
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    December so far - Barnetby and S&C

    A small selection pf photos from December so far (click on any to enlarge) 60100 is seen working 6K23 Santon-Immingham at Barnetby - 04/12/2008 60024 is seen working 6T24 Immingham-Santon at Barnetby - 04/12/2008 56311 is seen working a late 6Z56 Washwood Heath-Immingham past...
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    The Last week or so

    A selection of photos over the last week (click on any to enlarge) 56303 is seen leading 4O90 Doncaster-Grain near Duffield - 27/10/2008 20304 and 20301 are seen working 3S14 Grimsby-Malton at Melton Ross - 29/10/2008 60044 is seen working 6T24 Immingham-Santon at Melton Ross -...
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    Western America

    Two weeks spent in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. Perhaps the best best places in the world for trains and scenery. Where else in the world can you get 2 mile long trains climbing over the Rocky mountains... The weather was mainly sunny with only about 1 day of rubbish weather which coninsided with...
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    Arizona and California

    A few from a holiday to Arizona and California added to my site
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    Scotland and last week or so

    A very small selection of photos due to the weather from a 10 day trip to Scotland via here there and everywhere... Only 1 full sun shot in 10 days and its meant to be July... At least the one sunny shot was of something decent:D
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    WHL Deltic

    A few photos of 55022 and 37248 on there trip to Mallaig on Saturday (click on any to enlarge) Also a few more recent things at