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  1. Demps

    Colour coded insulators

    Anyone know why Some OHL insulators are different colours, I.E Red, white, you don't really see white ones these days. I guess its just colour co-ordination
  2. Demps

    Why are rail fares so expensive?

    Why are rail fares so ******* expensive?
  3. Demps


    Hi all, My current 'project' is researching Closed Railway structures, and withdrawn locos, and trying to record them as best as possible before they meet their maker, sadly this has being the case for so much Uk railway history. Take Doncaster works for example, it had an incredibly...
  4. Demps

    What happened to all the Valentas?

    We all know nearly all HSTs have had engine replacements, but what has happened to the legendary Valenta engine? Did they get sent straight to scrap merchants? (If so which ones) Has any body preserved an example? Is there even any left?
  5. Demps

    Hanson/fastline Grid diagrams anyone?

    Hi all, Me and a friend are wanting to spend a day or two shooting up some grids. I've looked all over, but can't find any diagrams. I know fastline 56's are based at donny, and i know one hanson route is from immingham, right? If anyone has any info on good locations, or possible good...
  6. Demps

    W&S Bubble car - finishing?

    Hi all, I was intending to PM yorkie, but instead i thought why not, i will make a thread and embrace all of that knowledge. Basically, I'm thinking about going down to Euston to get a shot of this bubble car (it looks incredibly retro stabled in there) But i dont have a clue about it...
  7. Demps

    EWS 37's-York, with others. Coast 37's, with Carlisle bits.

    WARNING you may want to make a cup of tea if you dont have a fast internet, to let them load, sorry! Oh and im in typing mood... heh. Well its being a long time since i have posted some shots on here, so i thought i would gather a few together from the past few weeks. I've tried to narrow it...
  8. Demps

    Deltic pioneer, DRS 47's and some odd HST general action.

    Just thought i would upload some recent'ish pictures from when i have had chance to pop out for some rail photography around york. But im way too tired to be bothered with a write up :( HST heading out of the York. Odd lineup When the deltic turned up, my shot was slightely...
  9. Demps

    15th March, York area.

    I just thought i would give you guys a heads up if you didnt already know, but 15th is sounding like its going to be a minty day out/lineside. First of you have the 'choppington changer' which will be coming through york with a Fastline 56 and onto newcastle, although i think it will be...
  10. Demps

    TOMMOROW railtour times?

    late notice, but can anyone supply me with times (york) for the A1 bittern 'talisman' railtour KX-Newcastle 'The minster day out' with some kettle on the front 'The St Davids day Flyer'. Swansea–York. Past-Time Rail. EWS Class 67? Any help appreciated, all tours are first march...
  11. Demps

    NATEX New liveried HST's

    First of, Froth. How many is there now in this livery, last time i was on here there was only one, and it was MTU. Thirdly, is it possible for me to hitch one of these to newcastle? I mean, knowing im going to travel on a NATEX hst in the new livery. I guess not, but its worth a try on...
  12. Demps

    NATEX Hst timetable booking etc.

    This was a question aimed at yorkie, but as were both on msn at different times, he suggested posting on here. Anyway, im soon to be traveling north york-newcaslte for natex part, and would like to be ona HST, preferable new liveried! I used to use the GNER web timetable for this, but i dont...
  13. Demps

    The Lakeland Coast (Pair of peds!) Saturday 10th May, 2008

    It will be the second 'full stretch run' of the cumbrian coast for 2008 with a pair of class 31's :twisted:, after the DRS's 37's do it in march. Its just to much of a good oppertunity to miss! Pathfinder tours, with EWS being the operator...
  14. Demps

    Choppers - weed killing.

    Stood outside of the local tescos, reading some veg. Thrashh woosh, i notice the drs 20's killing weed are back. Now im not familiar with their diagrams at all, logically the line would only need done once, but i could be totally wrong. Could anyone give me some help? Gen would be a god...
  15. Demps

    yet another problem.

    I realy can see the potential this game has, but yet i keep on getting sidetracked with problems.... Now, i load the game up fresh from a restart, and turn the HST's accelerator to 75% and find that the sound is now partially knackered, the gradual increase of the iconic whistle is now a...
  16. Demps


    Just bought the game today, and am pretty ****ed off. I can't wait for the day when there is a 100% perfect pc game. First of i load up and the resolution is stupid (im using a widescreen at 1440x900) text unreadable, screen zoomed etc. I cant change the resolution in game (anoying) so i go...
  17. Demps

    Closed stations

  18. Demps

    Closed stations

    Hi, it would be great if any of you guys could tell me of closed/abandoned/derelict stations, anywhere in the country, and if there is anything big, say a TMD thats abandoned, do tell me about it aswell. Thanks Demps.
  19. Demps

    Hello, Skip hauled HST.

  20. Demps

    Hello, Skip hauled HST.

    After about a year of not being lineside, or even having particular interest in rail related things, well exept for the odd word (as some of you over msn will know) i took the leap again. Me and a friend Went down past colton junction and fired a few off, we was loosing light drastically and...