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  1. Victoria-Louise

    What Women Want?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    HEYY!! ihave to dissagree!! dinner... yes.... films... only if they got blood in them. affection... is kinda nice... love.... if its from the right guy
  2. Victoria-Louise


    i dont think mines really suitable to put up heh ^^;..... lalalala......
  3. Victoria-Louise

    Embarassing pictures...?

    i dont think theres any embarassing rail pics off me.. but theres on with me drunk on my 18th with stickers all over my face... well okay to be fare.. any foto of me i find embarassing but heh ^^;
  4. Victoria-Louise

    What Women Want?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    meh. buy me a comic or a book any day and im urs!! flowers, make-up, perfume!!!! YIK!! no way man!! books, comics, nd gorie dvd's thats what i want ;p
  5. Victoria-Louise

    What Women Want?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    ..... hmm interesting...... Dont evern try to win ;) were just too good :P
  6. Victoria-Louise

    Embarassing pictures...?

    THE BOOTS LOOK AT THE SEXY BOOTS!!!!!!!!! oh and sprog ;) love ya hunny :angel12:
  7. Victoria-Louise

    Trainspotting Big Brother Style

    im quiet glad i missed that then.... bb is not what i would call entertainment
  8. Victoria-Louise

    Japanese Signs

    Tut tut!!! hmm.... ive actually seen those signes in person...... i have to admit i laughed alot... and then was knocked over my a very small person who appologised to much and bought me some food... i later found out it was my grans best friend ^^
  9. Victoria-Louise

    Most depressing song?

    i find anything depressingly sad if i havent taken my meds so..... your all right but mostly nightwish, the rasmus and incubus.... ps anyone say rasmus is rubbish and i wont ever talk to them again!!!!!
  10. Victoria-Louise

    Yep... it's back!

    ..... get out!!!! >< big brother sucks always has always will.......
  11. Victoria-Louise

    Oh, I LOVE northern folk

    HAHA! mmm i love geordie's there so.......... i dunno infact i hate them... cannot understand a word they say and ive been living with them since i was like what? 7..... THAT 11 YEARS >< nearly 12 -_- ........ pfft i cant understand anyone really! >< the best convos are between my nan and...
  12. Victoria-Louise

    I Got It!!

    Well done hunny ^^ you rock!! and ps i told you, you would get it...
  13. Victoria-Louise

    Hellfire Ambulance!!!

    hehu omg!!! thats awesome!!!! heehee
  14. Victoria-Louise


    my dads a gun smith HA beets u all..... stupid men... *walks away satified with comment
  15. Victoria-Louise

    Oooer!! What's that?

    You forgot the pregnant bit!.... u hardly ever see a charv without a baby.. or pregnant...:sign12:
  16. Victoria-Louise

    Britney Spears approves of class 66

    hmm but hers might not be ;) :p
  17. Victoria-Louise

    This picture...

    LOL looks like he is ><
  18. Victoria-Louise

    What are you listening to?

    lol no way man.... LOL ewwwww heehee im listening to a freight (spelling i cannot) going past.. dunno what it is as i have my back to it.
  19. Victoria-Louise


    the people that bring the kids over here in the sum hols.... are only in it for the money.. how nastys that :( it makes me really sad... cos my parents cant affored to bring one over here :(