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    Valley Lines Day Rover

    Cheers, I must have missed that!
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    Valley Lines Day Rover

    Is this valid on the line to Bridgend and the line to the Cardiff Airport Station? I personally thought it was valid on all lines featured on this map .
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    FGW final DMR TTs

    Why are they turning the Cheltenham - Bristol trains at Gloucester now? So, now there is only a 2 hourly stopping service between Cheltenham, Cam and Dursley, Yate etc. Hopefully CrossCountry will stop every other Cardiff/Nottingham train at Ashchurch to give it a useable hourly to...
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    Buxton to Blackpool services

    Cheers. I'm hoping for a 156 as 90 minutes on a 150 will not be fun:-x
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    Buxton to Blackpool services

    What stock normally runs these services? Cheers Nathan
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    Tamworth 16th April??

    Hello, The link features videos filmed at Tamworth, including: Many 125mph Voyagers belting through Jarvis Fastline 56 thrashing past Diesel freight movements (60 and 66) Enjoy! Nathan
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    50049 and 47 filmed at Ashchurch at speed

    50049 and a 47 filmed at Ashchurch at speed can be found here. The 50 was really hellfire: 50 47 Nathan P.S all my videos can be found on Google, here...
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    XC Voyagers debate

    And will hopefully be lengthened to 6 coaches with the new franchise.
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    Linespeeds in UK

    777fred refers to it being 40mph through Clapham, although this is hard to notice as there is a full stop missing.
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    Linespeeds in UK

    Birmingham to Bristol is mainly 100mph.
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    Linespeed querys

    Hi, Does anyone know the linespeed through Nuneaton station on the fast lines, Stafford station on the fast lines and Watford Juction on the fast lines? Thanks Nathan
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    GWR Diesel Gala and Barry Island DMU running day

    Hi, Videos are now up from the GWR Diesel Gala and the Barry Island DMU Gala last weekend. Features lots of clag and thrash! Nathan
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    Rail network given cash injection

    The upgrading of the Birmingham to Bristol line from 100mph to 125mph will be great if they can pull it off.
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    Pendo Primo

    On long journeys, it is easy to con them by getting a snackbox every time there is a crew change, or, if you are travelling in a group, get a different person to go up every time.
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    Planning an ALR - Where to go?

    The Voyagers are generally fine, although it can be a bit of a lottery depending on what set you get. The last journey I made on one was from Cheltenham to York via Leeds for the NRM Cab-It, and I can honestly say that I was not uncomfortable at any time in the 3 hour journey. The vibration was...
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    Leeds Loop

    After ECE, which i though was reasonably good, I was most dissapointed with LSC. Poor frame rates, badly designed stock, ancient platform textures and fences and trees on the track just to name a few.
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    GNER Mallard HST

    Oh dear, what an awful state. A text book example of a stoat. Although, whoever made it has far too much time on their hands.
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    40145 thrashing past Ashchurch and other traffic

    Cheers. 40145 is certainly a beast.
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    40145 thrashing past Ashchurch and other traffic

    The juddder as the 40 powers through was caused by the air turbulance pushing the tripod onto two legs! The same happened as the last coach went through.