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  1. Victoria-Louise

    what do cho think??? take a look at my gallery and comment here please im curious and very bored at this moment in time love you all :cherry:Vikki:cherry: xxx ps started new thread cos i cant find old one and i think it got locked.... funny that, isnt it craig!!!
  2. Victoria-Louise

    Meh just a bit of bordom

    Chris, John, Craig and me enjoy heehee:p
  3. Victoria-Louise

    Whats your 5 favo songs???

    Sneaker pinps- Black sheep Godsmack -I stand alone Incubus - the warmth Incubus - drive Disturbed -Guarded Whats yours..................sorry is really bored.
  4. Victoria-Louise

    Help for little me getting onto chat room

    I cant get onto the chat room unless im using Craigs computer can somebody help me please???
  5. Victoria-Louise

    What do you think????? Anyone :(

    I would like to post a link to a site that is totally unrelated asking for peoples opinions to my art work. I would like to get the forums response. So what do you think???
  6. Victoria-Louise

    North yorkshire moors photos.

    Some photos taken off my phone and not a proper camera, from the north yorkshire moors diesel gala in may.