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    Class 73/Slammer Horns

    Hey guys Im currently building a 7 1/4" gauge Class 73 and im looking at getting some proper horns for it, Before you all jump up and down saying it wont work, it will as ive seen it done but with different horns. Does anyone know where i can obtain a set easily?? Ive tried contacting...
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    Class 04 Drawings

    Hello Long time no post me for. Has anyone got any Class 04 drawings or know where i can source some?? Regards Stephen
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    37248 Picture

    hi guys Has anybody got a picture of 37248 taken after the 28th of May. I shall explain all if i can find a picture of it taken after that date! Cheers Steve
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    Great Cockcrow Railway, New running season.

    Hey Guys Just thought id give you a little update. We have been busy over the past few months carrying out Winter Maintinance, we have relayed quite a bit of track and sorted a number of things out. the turntable at Cockcrow hill has had a repaint, it was getting so taty, hasnt done bad...
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    Acton Depot open day

    Hi guys Heres my shots from Acton, mine focus mainly on the Miniature railway. Also the photoshoot with Big Sarah and Little Sarah!
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    60074 (not 60071)

    Hey Has anyone got a picture of 60074 in its new livery??? Just interested to see it!
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    Skins or Hollyoaks

    Hi guys A recent discussion at school soon turned into a debate to find out which was more popular, Skins or Holloyoaks. So cast your vote and let me know why you think it is better, ill add the scores up and add it to the running totals on the board in the common room at school :D Stephen
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    Titantic in 5 seconds!

    Hi guys A message from the real 960012, Not the hacker that made me a gmail email and hacked my account, id love to know who it was but i doubt they would ever own up to it! Only becuase they havnt got the balls to own up to it! Anyway, back to the topic...
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    Trains with sound

    I cant afford to go DCC and wouldnt want to anyway! So i have to improvise! here are the results!
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    Class 47 anyone??

    Might be being discussed else where i cant see it tho, i am blind lol! 703 always was a good engine, load 12 and a dead 47 on the back up parkstone bank no problems atall! Dodgey tho, my mum thinks it might be a trick auction!
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    960012's Love Life

    Well seeing as three of you were so interested and had alot of time of you hands and the other thread got locked i thought i would enlighten u all lol Baggy has had his turn, now tis mine turn! lol Everyone ready with there popcorn??? Pretty much this is how it goes, before new...
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    Rail Simulator Problem (Vista)

    Hey guys I have a problem with rail simulator, i can install it ok then wen i click play the little thing counts down and then it goes up with a message saying Rail sim launcher application has stopped working, it then says it will notifiy you of a solution and then there is no solution (see...
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    Remember guys
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    A Little update!

    Hi guys Just though you might like a little update on my projects! First off i have got the layout around my bedroom running now, with most of my stock runnable i have had some interesting combinations, ill put some pics up later! Although since running my stock which i havent really...
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    Bit of a contradiction!

    More about pointing something out to 777fred Unless i cant count which im pretty sure i can Final 4 Remain :-5860 + 5864 There is only two numbers there??? Meaning its not 4! surely?
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    Hellfire Tractor!

    Title says it all!
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    A couple of videos

    Hi guys Couple of videos for your enjoyment! First off 35027 on a run past with a recording of Clan Line And second of all, load testing my Q1, got to 17 before i ran out of coaches Comments...
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    Model 442

    I remember a couple of months ago that the Freds said they were going to build a model 442, hows it going chaps??? On a different note my dad has nearly got my little steam loco going!
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    Queen of scots set

    Hey guys Did anyone go and see the Queen on Scots set any where on its travels yesterday (06/10/07) Regards Stephen p.s. mine will be up soon, also some proper thrash videos as well!
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    GNR Atlantic C1 No.251

    Just out of interest to see what people think, Would you like to see GNR Atlantic C1 No.251 back in steam? Just for those who dont know what it is look at the link!