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    Enfield Town > Liverpool Street Stock?

    Does anyone know what stock runs the service between Enfield Town and Liverpool Street? Apparently it was vandilised earlier..... so, I'm guessing, a 313/315 ? ;) Also, 'one' has 17 line problems ( :O ) tonight, but that's partially due to an earlier lineside fire, apparently at Ilford...
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    Edinburgh WTTs .....

    In looking through the timetables for the Edinburgh route, I noticed there was a 158 diagram in there. Is this for BVE 2, as there is no route for this diagram in the BVE 4 version.
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    BVE 2 trains in BVE 4

    Hi Some BVE 2 trains, like the cl313, 314, do not work in BVE 4. Is there any way to make sure they do, easily, or am I stuck untill a BVE 4 version becomes developed? Thanks Joe
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    Class 315?

    I believe there's a Cl315 WIP somewhere. Will it have it's own dedicated routes, or will it be an added scenario to something such as NWM ?
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    New Milton

    Does anyone know what stock I could see at New Milton station, when I venture up there to see a family member tomorrow? ( My parents are gonna drop me off at the station when I get bored ! :) )
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    '' Violated the signal ''

    Whenever I pass a caution / double caution / caution and clear signal aspect, I get a 'violated the signal' message....... why's this? Is there a particular speed limit while going through that signal, or something? It's on the Hammerwich > Wood Green route, btw Joe
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    Class 315 door control

    When travelling on a 315 tonight, it struck me that the train was stopped at stations, and no-one in the carriage was opening the doors, so they remained shut. The doors shutting warning beeps still sounded obviously, but the doors were already shut..... Anyway, what does the driver do, when...
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    BVE 2 routes using Cl 321 ?

    Does anyone know of any BVE 2 compatiable routes that use the Class 321s ? Joe
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    Changing terminus station for BVE 2 routes

    Is there any way that I could change the terminus / start station for the Circle line, to TWR HILL? (I presume I would have to e-mail Paul Jobber to ask for permission before I do anything??)