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  1. chunx2005

    EMT HST Diagrams

    Going to Sheffield From Leicester next month & I know MML used to Have the HST to London - Sheff but I also knew that EMT were on about putting Meridians on the same route. What do the HST's run on now? I got one back from Derby at the weekend :grin:
  2. chunx2005

    Great Western HST diagrams

    Just wondering which services the HST's are used on as I'm planning to do some mileage on this line (London - Exeter) for the first time! Would much prefer a HST to get some window action. Ta.
  3. chunx2005

    Brussles to Hamburg

    I've recently booked a trip to Hamburg to go and watch the awesome Fc St.Pauli and I was just wondering what route my sleeper train will take from Brussles? ( I am getting the Eurostar to Brussels as well :-D ) Also, Is it true that you can buy a ticket for 3/5 people for 30 Euros and can...
  4. chunx2005

    Vintage Trains

    Anyone know why the end of year trains aren't running along the Leicester Line (Burton-Coalville-Leicester) this year. Used to enjoy about the only peice of traffic to come through my town a year.
  5. chunx2005


    A trip down to Bardon in the evening to see if anything intresting was around and to clear my head! 66618 turned up but after sunset. Whilst the shunter was in fine form! Take a look if you have five secs Cheers Andy :wink:
  6. chunx2005

    GCR Winter Gala

    Some pics From the Winter Gala and the Model Railway at Rothley online at Take A look if you have a moment :) Cheers Andy
  7. chunx2005

    Rood in the Rain

    Few pics of the last Steam Tour of the year: Rood Ashton Hall Tysley - Loughborough via Coalville Pooring Rain and freezing cold weren't going to stop me neither was the md covered footpath i had to walk along. The shots aren't to bad considering the weather and...
  8. chunx2005

    Tours Galore at Barrow

    Popped over to barrow for an early morning to see three tours. Top n' Tailed 47's : Leicester - Lincoln A4 Union of S.A : St.Albans - York Pitchford Hall : Tysley - York Also got some nice pictures of the diverted stuff. Sure you will enjoy them :mrgreen:
  9. chunx2005

    Ebor Express

    Anyone got the timings for this one. Thats Tysleley - York via Leicester. Its been re-routed from via Burton so does that mean the Derby - Brum line will be closed again this weekend? Thanks Very much Andy
  10. chunx2005

    Warley MRC at the NEC

    Went on the sunday and decided to take my camera. Never really tried to take pictures of models before so excuse me if they aren't the best - the lighting didnt really help either. Managed to get one or two good photo's, Dont expect you to look at them all so here are my favourites...
  11. chunx2005

    Winter's Afternoon at Barrow

    Some Pcitures as the sun went down over Barrow from the other afternoon. Took me a while to get used to it all :banghead: Also decided to take some photo's from different angles to try and capture some of the atmosphere. Not all of them came out how i wanted :geek: Anyway, take a look if...
  12. chunx2005

    I'm back

    After a good month out I am back - Afraid so. I have updated my website with a new collection for my bets shots with my new camera so far as I had the quality setting WAY to high. If there are any shots you liked that are missing then just email me. I am planning some trips this week to...
  13. chunx2005

    Hst Meet

    Some pics fromt he HSt meet at Cheers Andy dink
  14. chunx2005

    Mountsorrel Works

    Went over to the MML for an hour or so At Barrow to see what was around. Quite pleased with end result, also had a play with the shutter speed on some of them. Cheers Andy :tongue3: :blob7:
  15. chunx2005

    Mindless ****e - Literally What on earth pocesses people to do that? :pukeleft: :mad:
  16. chunx2005

    Best day to go to Barnetby

    Im looking at a Trip to Barnetby this week and wondering when the best day to go is in terms of freight. If someone would like on Freightmaster that would be great Tuesday is the only day I cant do. Cheers Andy
  17. chunx2005

    29th December Steam Comes back to Coalville

    On the 29th of December Vinatage trains will be doing a Steam hauled Service Tyesley to Loughborugh via knighton, Coavlille and Burton. :angel4: :-) :bom: :glasses2: Anyone intrested in Visiting Mantle Lane and Coalville Junction ( A great...
  18. chunx2005

    86228 + 47145

    47145 brought mantle Lane's PGA's back in today, but I missed the actual working due to college but got it doing some shunting. Also I was aloud be FM, FHH and JC staff to get some close ups of 86228 Take a look if you have a sec Cheers Andy :blob7: :glasses7...
  19. chunx2005

    Mantle Lane Depot Went to Mantle Lane footbridge to get 5Z31 top n Tailed into Mantle Lane. then I went down to the Gates. Theres also a few pics of the depot itself, which is starting to look quite good - or more like a depot! :geek: Tommorow I hopefully will be able to get some...
  20. chunx2005


    im having problem's Uploading to Fotopic at the mo...It says that they have uploaded fine but when i try to Publish them it says there is nothing there. I dont know why it is doing it, the only thing i could think of is that I have out my camera on a higher spec, but should that make a...